Lord Mayor of Dublin Helps Apprehend Burglar

Nial Ring the Lord Mayor of Dublin, helped to apprehend a burglar this week. Taking a small break from running the capital, he decided he would give crime fighting a chance.

The incident occurred on the 12th of February at midday, a man in twenties was heard causing a commotion and exiting a building.  Staff of Marsh’s library witnessed the incident and gave chase. “Our staff spotted and chased an alleged burglar coming out of a neighbouring building. Running up Peter Street”.

Marsh's Library.PNG

The Lord Mayor was on his way to the St Patrick Day festival launch when he spotted a man being pursued. He asked his driver to pull the car in ahead of the burglary suspect and leapt from the car. Standing tall in front of the man he impeded his progress, with two other citizens surrounding him on each side. The Lord Mayor showed himself to be quite humble stating that “I don’t think there was any real danger because by the time he got to me he was out of breath and didn’t pose any threat”

Lord Mayor Nial Ring.jpg

The suspect stopped running and was soon arrested by Gardaí who appeared on the scene within 20 seconds.

The Lord Mayor is looking to honour the two men who assisted him in the apprehension of the suspect. He went on to say that he would like to think that someone would intervene for his elderly mother if someone attempted to assault her. So he was in turn paying it forward. He joked that he was not prepared to quit his day job for a life of crime fighting “I'm not at the stage where I'm going to be wearing my underpants outside my trousers yet.”

A spokeswoman for the Gardaí said that they would be investigating a burglary that occurred shortly before midday at Cannon Court, Bride Street. Dublin 8.

In case the Lord Mayor is not in your area to save the day, you can in touch with HomeSecure and take preventative measures. Just call 1800 911 740