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Upgrade to a More Modern Wireless House Alarm

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trade in your old home alarm for a new modern wireless alarm system

Why It's Time To Upgrade Your Old Alarm

Already own a home alarm, but looking to update it? You can avail of our fantastic trade-in special, where we will give you our brand new ZeroWire™ house alarm system (package details below). You can get all this for only €99, when you trade-in your alarm. Based off our research, 51% of Irish households with an alarm, have a system that is 6 years or older. It may be time to trade-in that home alarm and upgrade it. 

Give your home the protection it deserves, by upgrading it to our ZeroWire™ alarm, which comes with the highest possible security rating in Europe. Burglars are getting craftier every year, so make sure your home’s security levels are as high as possible to avoid your home getting broken into.

This trade-in and upgrade deal is open to anyone with a wired or wireless house alarm. You can trade-in your alarm system even if the alarm isn't not working!

Secure this €99 house alarm trade-in deal.

With These Deal You Get:

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  • Advanced ZeroWire™ alarm panel

  • Security sensors (contact, motion, and shock detection - mix and match as you please)

    • All of our sensors are pet friendly

    • Wireless sensors, enable for a hassle-free install

  • HomeSecure Intruder Deterrent AlarmBox for exterior of the house

  • Installation is neat, tidy and quick. It only takes 90 minutes to fully set up

    • We install alarms throughout Ireland, enquire about our next day installations

  • Mobile App included in monitoring fee giving you remote access from anywhere.

    • Do you ever forget to set your alarm? Simply open your app and arm it from your mobile app

Give your family the ultimate protection!

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Benefits of Switching to HomeSecure

  • Our alarms are monitored 24/7 by Chubb Ireland, one of the most recognisable and trusted names in security

  • With HomeSecure, you will receive daily health checks on your alarm

  • Save hundreds on your monitoring costs

  • We offer both internal and perimeter protection for your home

  • Our alarm has a 'Stay' feature, securing the perimeter of your home, allowing you to walk around your home without setting off the alarm

  • If an intruder tries to gain access and sets off a door / window and motion sensor, the Gardaí are immediately dispatched

  • Dual protection: your alarm is monitored by a GSM unit as well as your Wi-Fi to ensure the signal is never down


HomeSecure.ie have been around for just over four years, securing over 14,000 Irish homes and businesses with our expert home monitoring service. Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience installing house alarm systems throughout the country. After building up our network in the greater-Dublin region, we now offer nationwide home alarm installations. We are 100% Irish-owned and we’ve quickly become the largest Irish-owned monitored alarm company.

It’s our mission to have a more secure Ireland to reduce the number of home burglaries, that’s why we are offering you this premium product for only €99, when you trade in your old alarm. We want to make home security more affordable for every household in Ireland.

*Removal of your existing alarm is subject to the assessment of the HomeSecure engineer on the day of install. If for some reason the existing alarm cannot be removed the new alarm will be installed in a new location, agreed with you the customer. If you choose not to have their old alarm panel removed we will still honour the upfront discount; this is our trade in guarantee. Existing sensors or wiring will not be removed, this is to limited any potential damage to the paint or decoration of your home.