Burglar & House Alarm Company

Our history

HomeSecure is a 100% Irish-owned and managed company, which has been in the home security industry for over a decade. HomeSecure specialise in supplying and installing burglar alarms and systems to residential premises, from apartments and suburban homes to isolated farmhouses, and the houses of high net worth individuals. We also offer alarm and monitoring solutions for small commercial products. We have partnered with the highly prestigious Chubb Ireland to monitor all of our customers.

Our people

Head Office

Our Head Office is based in the Eden Centre, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. Our call centre staff including, sales, finance and customer service are all located in this office.

Door-to-Door Sales Representatives

We go door-to-door, so we can tailor an offer unique to your home’s security requirements. 

All of our expert door-to-door sales agents have an ID badge, they’re all vetted and specially trained in home security. Always ask the sales representative to show their ID badge when they come to your door, to ensure they are one of our official employees.


Our engineers are based throughout the country and they perform new alarm installations, monitoring switch-overs, alarm servicing and repairs. Our engineers perform installations and repairs through Ireland. 

All our staff are fully ensured for accidental damage and public liability.

Our compliance

private security authority

All of our work is certified by EQA (Ireland), the independent certification body [European Quality Agency] which covers electronic security systems and alarm monitoring. We are fully licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA licence 00638) and comply with SR 40: 2005 and EN 50131, the relevant European quality standards for electronic intruder alarm installations. We sell and work only with top quality modern systems like UTC and equipment from top manufacturers. All our products are fully EN certified to the relevant standards.

About Chubb Ireland, Our Monitoring Partner

Established almost 200 years ago (1818) Chubb is a household name of high quality door locks and are the premier monitoring company in Ireland for over 40 years. Chubb remotely monitors over 670,000 electronic security systems around the world and in Ireland are the preferred monitor company of our Banks, Postal services, high net worth individuals and HomeSecure.ie’s over 14,000 customers.

You’re now in the safest hands with HomeSecure.ie & Chubb Ireland.

HomeSecure: USP Statement

The Partnership of HomeSecure.ie & Chubb enables us to offer our customers a first-class home protection service. HomeSecure only use the highest quality installers and advanced security systems to ensure all our customer’s home are adequately protected from break-in attempts.

Many ‘low cost’ providers are able to operate as they use DIY alarm systems (the sort of systems that can be picked up in your local DIY store or supermarket). They then link these alarms to small 2-4 person monitoring stations to keep their operating costs low. A HomeSecure alarm is linked to Chubb Ireland's high-tech ‘ARC’ monitoring centre which leverages the latest technology and training in home intrusion detection and prevention.

HomeSecure’s ZeroWire™ alarm sets the global standard for Smart Home Security and HomeSecure have the exclusive rights to distribute this alarm in Ireland. One of the reasons we selected this alarm to secure your home is because of its Daily Heath Check feature. Each night we dial into your Alarm and verify that all sensors are worked correctly, we even check your battery levels so we know we’re offering the highest possible level of protection. Another key benefit of our system is our dual monitoring function whereby we monitoring your alarm on both WiFi and GSM – this mean you’ve always got a backup. Many alarms will only work on one or the other due to the limits of the systems they purchase.

If you’re looking for the very best way to secure your home between HomeSecure.ie and Chubb you’ve picked the team you can rely on.

For more about HomeSecure.ie and how our system works, watch our video below:

About HomeSecure.ie, Ireland's Fastest Growing Alarm Company