About us

Meet HomeSecure, Ireland‘s Most Innovative Home Security Company

We’re a young, dedicated company with decades of experience in the home security sector.

Founded in 2014, we protect over 28,000 Irish households from everyday events such as theft, medical and fire-related emergencies. Our customers support over 50 jobs based here in Ireland.

We specialise in crime prevention. Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a rural bungalow, we tailor our home security systems to best secure your home. We also protect a number of commercial premises, so whether at home or at work, choose the smarter choice for security.

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Head Office

Our Head Office is Unit 4 Sandyford Park, Burton Hall Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Ireland, D18 P702

Our dedicated team of Sales, Finance and Customer Service professionals can be found here.

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Our Team

We’re all based under one roof ensuring the smoothest possible service. Whether you’re dealing with our expertly trained New Customer Team or our friendly Customer Service and Accounts departments they’ve got access to all the resources required to help and support our customers needs.


Our Engineers

Our regionally based engineers live island-wide meaning the friendly professionals who perform new installations repairs and upgrades are based locally to you.

All our installers are PSA licensed and are regularly audited by both the EQA and our in-house quality assurance team.

We’re Fully Certified!

All of our work is certified by EQA (Ireland), the independent certification body [European Quality Agency] which covers electronic security systems and alarm monitoring. We are Licenced with the Private Security Authority (PSA licence 00638) and comply with SR 40: 2005 and EN 50131, the relevant European quality standards for electronic intruder alarm installations.

HomeSecure systems are built to the highest specifications and are designed to be tamperproof from burglars. All our products meet all relevant standards and are fully EN Certified

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Our Monitoring Station

HomeSecure use In-house monitoring to ensure an instant response to any alarm activations. Our monitoring station is based in Dublin and provides peace of mind to our 25,000 customers with protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If your alarm was to be activated, the signal will alert in under 0.15 seconds and will notify our monitoring team here in Dublin. You will be alerted immediately should someone even attempt to gain access to your home. If someone was to gain entry, our team here in the monitoring hub will notify the Gardai immediately and send them to the break-in in progress.

Using a monitoring centre allows us to take action in the quickest way possible ensuring we can protect your world.


USP Statement

Our state of the art monitoring station enables us to offer our customers a first-class home protection service. HomeSecure only uses the highest quality installers and advanced security systems to ensure all our customers’ homes are adequately protected from break-in attempts.

Many ‘low cost’ providers are able to operate as they use DIY alarm systems (the sort of systems that can be picked up in your local DIY store or supermarket). They then link these alarms to small 2-4 person monitoring stations to keep their operating costs low. A HomeSecure alarm is linked to our own high-tech ‘ARC’ monitoring centre, that leverages the latest technology and training in home intrusion detection and prevention.

One of the reasons we selected this alarm to secure your home is because of its Daily Heath Check feature. Each night we dial into your Alarm and verify that all sensors are working correctly. We even check your battery levels so we know we’re offering the highest possible level of protection. Another key benefit of our system is our dual monitoring function whereby we monitor your alarm on both Wi-Fi and GSM – this means you’ve always got a backup. Many of our competitors’ alarms will only work on one or the other due to the limits of their systems they purchase.

If you’re looking for the very best way to secure your home, between our award winning alarm system and industry leading monitoring station, you’ve picked the team you can rely on.

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Interested in joining HomeSecure as an Employee or Partner?

Looking for an exciting new challenge or employed in a company that would pair well with Homesecure, then just email us with your details.