Smart Control in your hands

Never forget to set your alarm with our Free SmartPhone App. Your app tells you its alarm status and allows you to arm and disarm the system from anywhere.

Protecting your world – no matter where you are

Arm your alarm remotely

Disarm your alarm before entering your home or for a visiting guest

Set alarm to Night Mode arming only your perimeter sensors

Check the alarm status to see if you remembered to set it

Send HomeSecure's 24/7 monitoring center a panic alert in the event of an emergency

Create multiple users for different family members

Get notified when alarm status is changed

Check your Alarm History, when it was armed, disarmed and by whom

Key App Features

Arm / Disarm

With this handy feature you’ll never forget to set your alarm again. Simply open the smartphone app to access your alarm. Whether you’re in work, dropping off the kids to school or sitting on the beach in Spain, you can access and control your alarm from wherever you are.

We can even set up a geofence around your home to automatically notify you should you leave your home without setting your alarm.

Night mode

The most common time for burglaries in Ireland is 5pm – 11pm, when you’re likely to be home.

To protect your home day or night you can set your alarm to ‘Night Mode’, commonly known as the Stay Mode. This arms your perimeter sensors (external doors and windows) and will sound the alarm immediately should someone attempt to gain access to your home.

Sleep in the peace of mind knowing your home is secure day and night.

Create multiple users

By adding additional users to the app, you can see who is arming and disarming your alarm.

Simply check out the Alarm History tab to get a full historic view of all comings and goings from your home. Perfect to make sure the kids are getting home from school ok.

Alarm notifications

With this feature you can choose to get notifications when your Alarm is in use. Know when it has been armed and disarmed.

Perfect if you are getting work done on your house and you’d like to confirm the contractors’ arrival time or to check in on loved ones if you’re away for the night.

Panic Alert

Have an emergency that requires the Gardaí, Fire Brigade or an Ambulance? Press the Panic Alert on your KeyPad or KeyFob and our monitoring team will call you and your keyholders to see if everything is okay.

Unique to HomeSecure is that if you use the panic on your App, all other users will also get a notification of the panic alert. Your GPS location will also be sent to all your App users, offering you additional piece of mind if you’re walking home from the bus or getting a taxi late at night.

HomeSecure protects your world wherever you may be.

Arm / Disarm Night mode Create multiple users Alarm notifications Panic Alert

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