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Traditional alarm security is expensive and unreliable. HomeSecure are the first Home Security business to offer next generation technology that’s affordable and easy to use.

Our focus is on securing your peace of mind.

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Home Protection you can Trust

Upon setting up your alarm, your home is connected to our expert monitoring station, located in Dublin.

Our rapid response sensors communicate in under 0.15 seconds resulting in the fastest possible response time to an alert. Should our team identify a break-in in process we will notify the An Gardaí to attend your home.

With over 25,000 customer’s monitored homes across Ireland we were proven to be 8.5 times safer than the national average in 2018. Now that’s home security you know you can trust.

Secure Your Home Today

Get smart home security and sleep better.

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We pride ourselves on providing a seamless clean installation service for all our customers. Fully wireless, it typically takes 90 minutes and requires no after care.

Our PSA certified alarm engineer will place the sensors in areas that work best for your home! We offer nationwide installation. Secure your home today for just €99.

The peace of mind we now have is worth every cent. The aftercare, monitoring and servicing covered in the price is fantastic

Carolyn Colvin


Pet friendly

All our motion sensors use a digital algorithm to detect human movement so your pets can roam your home without setting off the alarm. Your sensor is programmed to ignore pets up to 50cm high and 20kg in weight. Protecting the whole family.

This will give me and my family peace of mind in the long run

Phillip Acton, Dublin

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Stay and Away

When you’re leaving your home, set the alarm system to the away mode to arm all your sensors. When you or your family are at home, enable the Stay Mode.

The Stay Mode arms all perimeter sensors, so you’re secured against break-in attempts, but you can walk around or sleep in peace, knowing your home is secure. Use the panel, app or fob to enable the Stay or Away features!

It does what it's supposed to do and gives peace of mind at night time

Colm McLaughlin, Meath

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Smart Control

Download our free app and you’ll never forget to set your alarm again! Check the status of your house alarm, get notified when your alarm is armed or disarmed, it even has geo fencing built in so we’ll tell you if you’ve forgotten to set your alarm system when leaving your home. That’s smart control made simple.

The HomeSecure app gives great peace of mind even when we were out of the country to check on the alarm

Lynda Nolan, Wexford

placing alarm sensors
house alarm keypad at night
phone app

We are confident. Here's why.

HomeSecure only uses the highest quality installers and advanced home security systems to ensure all our customer’s homes are adequately protected from break-in attempts. HomeSecure’s alarm system sets the global standard for Smart Home Security and HomeSecure has the exclusive rights to distribute this alarm in Ireland.

Non-Monitored alarm
Keypad and Sensors
Daily Health Check
Notifications on mobile
Called if Alarm is Activated
24/7 Monitored Protection
Replacement Batteries
Resolve Faults Remotely
Affordable Installation Fee
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24/7 Home Protection from only
€0.99 / day
€99 install fee

Proven Home Protection

In 2018 the CSO reported that there were 17,673 burglary related offences in Ireland, that’s one break in every 30 minutes.

HomeSecure aims to reduce this number and over the same period our customers were proven to have 8.5 times fewer break-ins.

Simply put, intruders know that HomeSecure monitored homes have 24/7 protection and all activation’s result in an instant response.

Trusted by over 25,000 Irish households, that’s tried and tested home protection you can count on.

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Whatever means the world to you

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