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Existing Customers Queries

How do I set my alarm?

When using the KeyPad, press the Code Button (marked with a C on your KeyPad) to light up the buttons on your panel and then input your four digit code followed by the Stay or Away mode, depending on what you wish to set it to. If you press a number incorrectly, start over by pressing the C key again.

Ensure all doors and windows are closed before you set the alarm.

How do I disable my alarm?

Ajax Alarm System

When you open your front door you have a 30 second period to disable your alarm before the monitoring station call you. You'll hear your internal siren beep until you disarm the alarm system. To disable the alarm on the KeyPad first press the Code Button (marked with a C on your KeyPad) and input your four digit code followed by the disarm button. The disarm button is located in the middle of the bottom row on the KeyPad.

ZeroWire Alarm System

When you enter your front door, your alarm will beep and you have 30 seconds to enter your four-digit PIN, followed by the Enter button

Remember you can always disable your alarm with the press of a button on your app or KeyFob on both alarm systems

How do I connect my security system to my Wi-Fi?

Whether you're a new customer looking to connect your security system to your Wi-Fi for the first time or an existing customer who got a new broadband router, we have a form on our website for this. Visit homesecure.ie/wifi and enter your SSID number and your Wi-Fi passcode into your form along with your personal details, so we can verify your account. Once you fill the form in, it will go direct to our teach team, who can connect your alarm system to your broadband from our head office. For new Ajax customers, you'll know your system is connected when the hub light glows green.

How to download the Zerowire App

For Zerowire customer go to the App store / Play store and download the HomeSecure App, you will need the instructions you received at time on install (found in the Welcome Pack), the serial no and passcode. If you are missing the information go to the contact page and get in touch with us.

How do I delete my account in my app

Follow these simple steps to delete your account in the app. The steps are the same whether you have the HomeSecure App or Ajax Security Systems App.

How do I know what mode my alarm is in?

Ajax alarm

The top row of the KeyPad shows the status of the alarm. Press the C button to light up the system, the relevant symbol icon will shows whether the alarm is in the Stay or Away Mode or if the alarm is currently disarmed.

You can check the status of your system in your home alarm app. It will indicate whether the alarm is Armed, Disarmed or in Night Mode.

ZeroWire alarm

If you press the status button (marked with an i on your alarm panel) the panel will speak to you and let you know if your alarm is in the Stay Mode, Disarmed or if you have fully armed you alarm to the Away Mode.

You can also check your HomeSecure ZeroWire alarm. It will show whether it is fully armed, armed in the Stay Mode or disarmed.

My alarm system won’t set when I try to leave the house

Ensure that all the doors and windows are closed, including the front door. The alarm cannot set until all doors and windows are closed. Our latest KeyPad is a touch panel, when you're inputting your four digit code into your KeyPad, listen out as you'll hear a sound when you successfully press a number or icon button. If you input the code incorrectly, press the C button on the panel and start your process over.

How I change my KeyHolder list?

When you sign up to HomeSecure, you'll be asked to give a list of KeyHolders. These are the people we ring if your alarm ever activates. It's important to keep this list up to date. If you have a neighbour on your list, but they move away, you don't want them getting a call. To help you to stay on top of your keyholder order, we have a webpage for you to update your keyholders at homesecure.ie/keyholder. When you fill the form in, it will go directly to our customer service team, who pass the new information over to our monitoring centre.

Your keyholder list is important to update as you stay with HomeSecure. Always remember to temporarily change the order of your keyholders when you go on holiday. You don't want to be the first person getting called when you're sipping a cocktail on a beach in Spain, as you won't know if it's a genuine or a false alert. You can always change the order back when you're home.

What happens if I press my panic button by mistake?

Ajax Alarm

If you select the panic alert, your alarm will ring in panic mode and your keyholders will be contacted immediately by the monitoring station to see if everything is okay.

If you select the panic alert on your app your location will be sent to other app users.

The panic button on your app is enabled at the time of installation, but initially deactivated on your KeyPad and KeyFob. Please contact HomeSecure to enable these features.

The panic button is a single touch alert; care is required to prevent false panic activations.

ZeroWire Alarm

If you select one of the emergency panic buttons, you will be contacted by our monitoring station to see if it was a false alarm and if you’re okay. Once you confirm your Secure Word to verify your account and you tell them you hit it in error, no emergency services will be sent to your home.

If you don’t answer the monitoring station’s call, the relevant emergency service will be sent to your home.

What happens when my alarm activates?

Don’t worry, if the alarm has been turned off within 30 seconds, the monitoring station will not ring you. If you return home after your home was set to the Away Mode, you have 30 seconds to disable the alarm, you’ll hear your system beep until the system is disarmed.

If you don’t disable your system in the 30 second window, the alarm will ring, with a high pitched internal siren. The monitoring station will contact you or your account keyholders in the order they were provided. If they do get in touch with you, you simply need to provide them with your Secure Word to confirm everything is ok in your home.

If we can't get in touch or we're informed nobody is home, we'll send out the Gardaí immediately. We'll always contact the primary home-owners first in the event of an alarm activation.

Do HomeSecure send customer satisfaction text messages?

Yes, if you have had an engineer out to your home or your contacted our customer service team, you may receive a text message asking you to rate your experience. We use a rating scale of one to six, one being very poor and six being excellent. Just respond to the text with your score. We use these feedback ratings for internal purposes to help improve our standards. We may follow up with a call to get more context on a rating or to resolve an ongoing issue. We’ll send the customer satisfaction text from an 086 number.

I plan on doing renovation work in my home and need to move the alarm sensors

If you are getting building work done in your home that may require sensors or the alarm panel being moved you must notify HomeSecure about this work. If required we can organize one of our engineers to call out and take down the sensors and then put them back up, once the building work is completed.

Service charges will apply to take down and re-install any sensors. To fully avail of our service promise, the work must be performed by a PSA approved HomeSecure engineer.

If you’re getting work done and you won’t be home. If you don’t want to give out your alarm code, you can set up a separate alarm code for this instance. Ask the engineer about this feature on the day of your install.

Alternatively, you can disable the alarm from your app before they enter your home and set it again after they have left.

I am going on holidays, how do I update my keyholder order?

Before you jet off, please fill out our Keyholder form in your new preferred order. Our monitoring station will be notified of the new order. Then all you have to do is enjoy your holiday and change your keyholders back when you return. This is done by re-filling out the same form .

What if there’s a power cut?

Don't worry, you alarm system will continue to work. Your security system is backed-up with a battery that will supply power for up to 15hrs.

I received an email from Trust Pilot, are they associated with HomeSecure?

Yes, we use Trust Pilot to gain feedback from our existing customers. If you received an email from Trust Pilot on behalf of HomeSecure looking for a review, it should be a legitimate, trusted email.

Pre Installation Queries

How long does installation take?

We can usually fit you in for installation within 7 working days from paying the deposit to setting up your HomeSecure monitored alarm. We do have next day installations available, but these are subject to availability. Our scheduling team will always give you fastest possible free installation date at a time that is convenient for you.

The installation itself generally takes between 90 minutes and two hours.

How will I be notified about my installation?

When you sign up to HomeSecure, you will receive a confirmation email and our scheduling team will call you to organize the most suitable time and date for the installation. You will receive a text message one business day before the installation as a reminder. The text will also have the rough time slot of your installation.

On the day of your installation, your HomeSecure engineer will call you 30 - 40 minutes before they arrive to your home.

Can I change my installation date?

If you can provide 24 hours’ notice we can try to accommodate any changes.

Alarm Pack / Service Queries

Can I receive a house alarm that isn’t monitored?

No, all of our alarms come with home monitoring. We only want to put our name to the safest solution and we think that if you have a house alarm it must be monitored for the ultimate security. We also only want to provide alarms that have a guaranteed Garda response.

How much does home monitoring cost per month?

We charge from €34.95 per month. Many home insurance companies offer 10-15% discounts to home monitored customers.

Will the monthly charge change at any time?

The monthly fee, excluding VAT is a fixed sum for the duration of your initial contract period. Any price increase will be notified ahead of time. Check out our Terms and Conditions page for the our latest contract length.

Who can get HomeSecure?

We cover apartments, rented properties, business premises and homes of all shapes and sizes, call us today to find out more. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big or small the property or premise is: The installation fee is from just €49.

Do I need a landline for my HomeSecure alarm?

No, you don't need a landline with your HomeSecure alarm system. Our alarm runs off a GSM, which is basically a mobile sim card, which picks up the strongest signal in your area. It's also backed up onto your Wi-Fi for added protection. This is a much more secure way to secure your home, as burglars can cut landline wires to disable alarms.

Does the system allow for indoor Pets?

Yes, the HomeSecure engineer will go through all this on the day of the installation.
Our latest alarm system allows for a pet height up to 50cm and a weight of 20 kg.

How much does it cost to get a new alarm system?

Our installation fee is from €49. Helping keep everything clear and transparent for you. The €49 covers you for the installation of the full alarm system including: the KeyPad and a mix of wireless sensors (protecting the interior and perimeter of your home) and an intruder deterrent box. Your installer will advise you if you need any additional sensors on the day of install, when they perform a full security assessment. The engineer will also set up your HomeSecure app on the day of the installation.