How do Home Security Systems Work?


Are you in the market for a home security system, but unsure how they work? 3 out of 4 (72%) Irish homeowners are concerned about a break-in in their homes, with over a third (39%) feeling worried when home alone. Unfortunately, people only consider a home alarm system after they have been burglarised, so it is only fitting that we explain how a home security works and how it can deter burglars.   

Don’t worry, we are not going to bore you with all the logistics but instead give you a brief overview of how your property and family is protected from potential intruders when you use a home security system.

How does it work?

When you think of an alarm system, you probably think of a calculator styled keypad on the wall, wired sensors and a box that rings when the alarm goes, but alarms have come a long way in recent years. The HomeSecure alarm is completely wireless and in our unbiased opinion, very stylish!

We’ll break it down for you, a monitored home alarm system works through sensors that are connected to a control unit. We like to give it a more modern name, easier to remember if you will, so we say the hub. This hub communicates with a monitoring station that will check for any false alarms if your alarm activates. The monitoring station will call you once your alarm does activate, so don’t worry if you have a false alarm the guards won’t arrive to your home without us checking first! If necessary (hopefully not) the monitoring station will send the Gardai to your home. So even if you’re out and about and your alarm was to activate, the Gardai could make it to your home to check the situation before you!

hub on wall

What sensors do I need?

You are probably aware that most alarm systems use sensors to catch any movement in your home. The most common types of sensors that alarm providers use are motion and contact sensors. When a burglar tries to break into your home, these sensors will activate and send an alert through a monitoring station and a siren will sound.

With the HomeSecure sensors, the sensor and magnet don’t even need to be broken!  The contact sensor will detect shock and vibrations. So, if your door or window is pushed or shook, your alarm is triggered. Even if a door is unlocked, if the alarm is on, the system will go off.

You may think, what if you are not at home and the alarm sounds. What then? If your alarm is with HomeSecure you will also get a notification to your APP, notifying you what sensor was breached before you’re called by our monitoring center.

According to the 2022 Irish Central Statistics, 33% of Burglars get into the home through a front door, so because of this an engineer will fit your front door and back door first with sensors. Recently we did a blog on how these sensors work and the best placement for them in your home.

How to control the system

Your HomeSecure package comes with a wireless, modern keypad. This keypad is the control panel and allows you to arm and disarm your system when coming and going from your home. Your keypad is usually placed in the hall inside your front door, allowing you easy access when leaving and entering your home. When your alarm is installed, you will chose a 4-digit pin that will arm and disarm your system.

Alarm systems usually come with a calculator styled keypad, with bulky buttons to put in your pin. Not only is our keypad touch screen, but technology has come a long way in recent years, and you can now arm and disarm your HomeSecure system with an APP, allowing you to protect your home on the go!


Do I need extra security?

Most alarm companies can offer additional extras to add to your security system. Adding a camera to your package can allow you to check in on your family when you are away at work or even out for the night.

If your alarm was to be triggered, you can check from an app on your phone if there is an intruder in the home. Many security companies offer various cameras to include with your system. If you are a HomeSecure customer you can add a doorbell camera, internal or external camera to your package. All of these work through wifi and can be connected to an APP.

Having a Home Security System not only give you that extra peace of mind, but it has also been proven that homes with a monitored alarm are 4.5 times less likely to experience a break in.

We hope you have a better idea of how a home security system works.  If you’d like to learn how HomeSecure can protect your home, call 1800 844 024.

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