Remember Your Panic Buttons Are There For Any Type of Emergency

As we continue to Protect Your World in this uneasy time. We’d like to remind HomeSecure customers that you’re not only protected in the event of an attempted break-in, but for any type of emergency. Remember, you have access to Panic Buttons with your security system.

How Our Panic Buttons Work:

When you select a Panic button, it will alert our monitoring station, letting them know that you require emergency support. They’ll call you to get more context on the assistance required and to check if it was a genuine or false alert. They can then dispatch the right emergency service for your needs. If you’re unable to take a call for any reason, they will call your primary keyholder and alert An Gardai to your situation.

Ajax Alarm customers:

You not only have a Panic button on your KeyPad, but on your HomeSecure – We Protect App and on your KeyFob.

On the KeyFob and KeyPad, it’s located as a star symbol. Hold this down to send out your emergency alert. These are ideal if you have an accident while you’re at home self-isolating.

panic button alarm
House alarm app users

Protected on to go:

If you do venture out and require assistance, remember your HomeSecure – We Protect app has a panic feature.

This will work wherever you may be in the country; you don’t have to be near your alarm system for your In-App panic alert to work. When you select the panic from your app, it will also notify app users, ideal if you have a vulnerable family member who you wish to stay updated about.

We want to protect your world and help you and your loved ones gain peace of mind during this lockdown period. Remember to always set your system to the Stay / Night Mode, to stay protected while you’re home.  

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