How you can save 20% on your Home Insurance

save on home insurance

Moving into a new home? One of the many things you’ll need to tick off your to do list, will be to get home insurance. Another thing on your to-do list is to protect your home with an alarm system. With a monitored alarm system, you can knock two things off your list and save some money at the same time.

I know I look for savings everywhere, especially with the rising cost of living. What if we told you investing in a monitored home alarm system could save you up to 20% on your home insurance, while also protecting your home! Handy right?

By making your home safe and secure, the less you may pay for your home insurance premium, as insurance will see you as a safer bet compared to an unsecured home, which could be a premium risk for them.

Monitored vs Unmonitored Systems

While searching for an alarm system, you’ll quickly learn there’s two types on the Irish market, monitored alarms and non/self-monitored systems. A monitored alarm is connected to a 24/7 alarm receiving centre and can dispatch the Gardaí if there is an attempted break-in in your home. A non-monitored system will just ring if someone trips one of your sensors and you may get a text/notification, but you will have to return home to assess the situation and call the Gardai yourself.

As a monitored alarm offers the best level of protection, it makes sense to not only have this system to protect your home, it also increases your chances of getting a bigger discount from your home insurance provider. At HomeSecure, we specialise in home monitoring to over 28,000 homes across Ireland.


How do I get my discount?

Once you sign up with HomeSecure and protect your home with a monitored alarm, you’ll be issued with an EQA certificate that you can present to your home insurer. This will show your insurance provider that you are fully protected. They’ll then apply a discount of up to 20%. After calling around investigating this ourselves, we know the level of discount they offer do vary and will depend on what other discounts you’re already availing of. You can get further discounts by letting them know how many smoke and carbon monoxide alarms you have. Most insurers will require at least one of each. At HomeSecure, we offer a monitored Smoke CO detector that you can include with your home security pack. You can also add a leak detector, so you’re covered for every eventuality, that will hopefully never be needed.

Am I always covered?

After you get your monitored alarm in, you’ve benefited from your home insurance discount and made the smart choice to protect your home. We encourage you to get in the habit to always set your alarm every time you leave your home and arm the stay mode when you’ve in for the evening. Just in case your home is targeted, the system will only activate if you remember to arm it.

If you’re looking to secure your home and save on your home insurance costs, call HomeSecure on 01 920 3787 today for a personalised quote.

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