How to get the most out of your HomeSecure system


Everyone will use their security system differently; it isn’t a one size fits all approach. But are you getting the most out of your HomeSecure system? Let’s take a look at some ways you can use yours to ensure you get maximum protection.

The HomeSecure system has two main modes; stay and away. Traditionally, alarms would only be armed when leaving the home, as motion sensors would trigger the siren with someone inside, but security systems have become more advanced. Now, with smart security systems you can adjust how you want your system to work through the keypad and also via the app. For instance, when the system is in “stay” mode, all sensors will be active apart from the motion sensors. Find out more about how the stay and away modes work.

Did you know that you can check who is arming and disarming your system? The HomeSecure App will notify you when your alarm is armed and disarmed, notifying you who made the command and if it was through the keypad or app. This is a very handy feature if you want to check that the kids are home from school or how long your dog walker has been out. Giving you a constant view of the comings and goings of your home. The HomeSecure app can also notify you if you forget to set your alarm, the geo-fencing feature will recognise if you have left your home without setting your system. Allowing you to enable your system then on the go!

Once you have the HomeSecure system installed you can add on extras for added protection in the home such as Leak Sensors, Smoke Detectors and Panic Buttons. Having these extras set up all year round could end up saving you some money. For example, you could have a leak sensor placed next to the pipes in your cupboard or beside the washing machine, if it detects water and triggers the alarm, this will alert you of the incident which could have turned into some costly damage.

Investing in a smoke detector with HomeSecure allows sensors to detect smoke before it becomes fire by reacting to the sudden rise in temperatures. So, if you are out of the house, the monitoring team, along with your app will notify you that smoke has been detected in the home. This is important, especially if you are out of the home and have no way of knowing if a fire broke out. Since the sensors detect rises in temperature it will sound your alarm before the smoke turns to fire not only saving you time but could also save your valuables and more importantly your family.  

panic alert

One of the main reasons you probably invested in a home security system was to feel that extra peace of mind in your home. Did you know there is a panic button on your keypad and your app, once pressed and activated our monitoring station and they will send the relevant emergency assistance to your home.  Also, you have the option to add a panic button for €2 a month to your monthly package. This panic button can be fixed in place or used as a portable device, once pressed this will alert our monitoring station and they will contact you to see if you are in an emergency situation.

HomeSecure now offer cameras that you can add onto your system. You can tailor the level of protection you want by adding on external, internal and doorbell cameras for an additional cost. These cameras offer two-way audio, allowing you to not only keep an eye on your belongings, but talk to delivery drivers or even your children from another room!


This might sound obvious, especially when it is one of the main reasons people install monitored security systems, every time you go on holiday or leave the house don’t forget to put the system in “away” mode. You might not be out of the house for long, but make sure to arm the system when you’re at work, walking the dog or even for that quick trip to the shop. It can only take minutes for an intruder to break-in and nobody wants to return home to a burgled house, that is why our monitoring team work 24/7, 365 days a year!

If you would like to find out more about using your system, contact our service team who will be more than happy to help talk you through all of the features mentioned above. If you would like to get in contact with our sales team about arranging an installation, contact a member of the team on 01 920 3787.

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