How the ‘Stay and ‘Away’ Mode Works for Your Home

When you think of setting an alarm system, you may imagine arming all doors, windows, and motion sensors to secure your home when you are away, but did you know we offer a stay mode along with an away mode which protects your house even when you are at home.

Having multiple modes on an alarm system can also protect you and your loved ones when you are at home. Most home security systems, like HomeSecure offer numerous features to ensure you are fully protected whether you are away from home or not.  

Stay Mode

The ‘Stay Mode’ on your system is one of the most important features of your HomeSecure alarm. The key feature to this mode is what sensors are armed while you are still at home. The Stay Mode arms all perimeter sensors, so you’re secured against break-in attempts. This lets you walk around your house and be protected, without worrying about false alarms.  You might be asking yourself, what if there are family members still home? You can still arm your system in Stay Mode!  

There are several ways to arm your system in stay mode. The easiest is right through the keypad. Simply press the “C” button on the keypad, enter your four-digit code and select the Stay Mode.

You can also arm your system in stay mode through your app or keyfob. So, if you are far away from your keypad or just relaxing on your couch, you don’t have to move all can be done from the comfort of your phone or fob. You could even arm it from Spain if you needed to, if you have internet access your system can be armed from anywhere in the world.

Away Mode

The ‘Away Mode’ is probably the feature you would be most familiar with. Arming this mode protects your home when you are not around, probably the main reason people get an alarm. You could be asking yourself what is armed when I set my alarm to away mode. The easy answer is: everything!

Unlike Stay Mode, where you may have someone walking around your house and shouldn’t trip an alarm, Away Mode is designed to go off if anything goes bump. That means that all your motion sensors are armed to ensure your home is fully protected. The Away Mode is recommended when the house is vacant for any period of time. Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, popping to the shops or heading out for a quick walk.

Similarly, to the ‘Stay Mode’, to set your system to ‘Away Mode’ press the “C” button on the keypad, enter your four-digit code and select the away mode.

When you come home, whether it’s from an evening out, a day at work or a summer holiday, there are a few ways to disarm your system. If you trip your alarm, by opening the door etc., you’ll have what’s called an entry delay. This is a period that allows you to come in and disarm your system. If you do not disarm your system in this time, it will trigger an alarm. This can lead to the HomeSecure monitoring service calling you to check if there is a burglar in your home or it is a false alarm.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Like arming your system, you can press the off button on the HomeSecure smart phone app. You can do these from outside your home, or inside. You can also enter your home and disarm your system by entering your PIN on the keypad. Away Mode is a great feature that allows you to know that your home is safe when you aren’t around.

The Stay and Away Mode are essential to keep you and your family safe. We offer updates on all of our features on our Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to follow to stay up to date.

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