Burglary Conviction Lengths Vary County to County

Earlier today The Irish Times revealed the break-in conviction rates, showing the overall average for Ireland was 65% for the first six months of 2017. The 65% figure was the lowest it has been in seven years, dropping 7% from 2016 alone.

The conviction figures vary drastically throughout the county, in Limerick only 41% of burglars in the first half of 2017 faced prison time. This figure has more than halved for the same region since 2011 when 83% of Limerick burglars went to prison.

Cork has also seen a decline, dropping burglar convictions 16% since 2011. In recent years Dublin however has seen an increase in burglars being imprisoned, up 61% since 2011. Dublin burglars are the most likely to receive prison time compared to every other part of Ireland. Burglars in Dublin are almost twice as likely to receive imprisonment compared to Galway. 74% of burglars in Dublin who had a court hearing were convicted, compared to just 39% in Galway in 2017.

One of the main reasons for the contrast between counties has been put down to how different judges handle offenses.

Secure Your Home Against Burglars

secure your home against burglars

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