South Dublin Burglar Gang May Have Free Reign

We recently informed you that two formally rival gangs, both well-known to the local Gardaí had joined forces in the Dun Laoghaire region and were behind many burglars in Dun Laoghaire and surrounding South Dublin towns.

To help clampdown on the increase in crime in these areas, the Gardaí had set up Operation Imeacht, which added an additional 4-6 daily patrols targeting the gangs. However, this action has been halted since December. The stoppage has led to frustration from the Gardaí in the area, who fear they won’t be able to sufficiently defend against the gangs without their extra patrols.

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There is a burglary response unit which works in the Dublin Metropolitan Region East, that will be adding more officers in the coming months. However, until then due to tighter overtime restrictions added, officers fear that the gangs may be given free rein to continue their break-ins and target homes in the South Dublin.

How Do I Protect My Home Against Intruders?

There are many obvious benefits to having a monitored alarm, least alone having your family’s home protected 24/7 and that you can set your alarm whilst in our home arming the perimeter and main points of entry. What most people may not be aware of that when a break-in confirmed our monitoring centre will notify An Garda Síochána immediately via the Garda Plus system, meaning you’ll get the fastest guaranteed response to your emergency.

For more on how monitoring works we recommend watching our explanatory video:

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