Crafty burglars break-into South Dublin home after cutting power supply!

Crafty burglars break-into home after cutting power supply!

The incident took place in Cabinteely Crescent, South Dublin and people in the area have been warned to stay vigilant after the break-in. Gardaí are searching for the intruders who were able to break into the house even though it had an alarm system. The burglars cut the power to the home, which deactivated the alarm. so it wouldn’t ring out when the burglars entered the house.

Although it’s unknown how much they took from the house, a Garda spokesman did say

"A number of items were taken during the incident and there was damage to the rear of the property. No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing."

The incident is believed to have occurred in Cabinteely Crescent, Cabinteely at approximately 7.10pm on Wednesday 10th July. If you did see anything suspicious at this time, you should contact local Gardaí.

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A Message to HomeSecure Customers:

Although this technique of burglars cutting the power supply in your home may be concerning, rest assured that your alarm will work even in the event of a power outage. Your system still works for up to 18 hours after a power cut. If it is triggered, it will continue to work as normal, sending a signal to the monitoring station.

Also if a burglar tries to tamper with the panel, by tearing it off the wall, the panel will immediate send an activation to the monitoring station.

At HomeSecure, we always strive to be one step ahead of the burglars and it’s safe to say they’ll be waiting quite some time for the power to go on your system.

If you’re interested in fully protecting your home with a monitored alarm, please call 1800911740.