Six Ways To Help You Have a Fun Halloween

Although the government and NPHET have advised that trick-or-treating should not go ahead, it’s important to stay vigilant, remember to stay on top of your home security, but also to make it as fun as possible for your loved ones!

Although it won’t be the usual festivities, it is still a night for mischief. It’s important to arm your system to the Stay Mode when your family are in for the evening. Remember your panic buttons are there if you require emergency assistance.

For many people, young and old, it’s one of their favourite days of the year, however for pets, it’s definitely a day they dread. Cats and dogs are usually spooked by fireworks, so remember to keep them in-doors. Our system is pet friendly, so once your arm the Stay Mode, you can keep your furry friends safe, while you’re tucking into your sweets!


Although your family won’t be out going door to door this year. There are a few ways to make your home spooktacular for your kids.

  • Kick start your day with day with some pumpkin carving. If those skills don’t come natural, YouTube has a huge array of simple videos to help you get creative
  • It’s a year to get imaginative and to draw out the fun / sweet giving as much as you can. Why not send your kids on a scavenger hunt around your house? Leaving one sweet in each location and clue to where to find the next one. Below are few ideas to help inspire your creative juices:

  • Of course kids will miss going door to door getting their huge haul of sweets, so you could get them to go door to door in your home! Your kids go room to room in the house and get sweets for every room they visit. They can take it in turns being the one’s handing out the chocolate as well.

  • If your kids are a bit older you can do your own version of the Nightmare Realm, mixing it up on whether they’ll get a treat or a fright / scary story in a certain room

  • For more old school fun and to get them get a bit of their five a day, you get your kids to bob for apples!

  • End the day with Halloween movies and make it a Halloween to remember before tucking them in for the night…..

Happy Halloween from everyone at HomeSecure!

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