What happens if I press my panic button by mistake?

Ajax Alarm

If you select the panic alert, your alarm will ring in panic mode and your keyholders will be contacted immediately by the monitoring station to see if everything is okay.

If you select the panic alert on your app your location will be sent to other app users.

The panic button on your app is enabled at the time of installation, but initially deactivated on your KeyPad and KeyFob. Please contact HomeSecure to enable these features.

The panic button is a single touch alert; care is required to prevent false panic activations.

ZeroWire Alarm

If you select one of the emergency panic buttons, you will be contacted by our monitoring station to see if it was a false alarm and if you’re okay. Once you confirm your Secure Word to verify your account and you tell them you hit it in error, no emergency services will be sent to your home.

If you don’t answer the monitoring station’s call, the relevant emergency service will be sent to your home.

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