How I change my KeyHolder list?

When you sign up to HomeSecure, you’ll be asked to give a list of KeyHolders. These are the people we ring if your alarm ever activates. It’s important to keep this list up to date. If you have a neighbour on your list, but they move away, you don’t want them getting a call. To help you to stay on top of your keyholder order, we have a webpage for you to update your keyholders at homesecure.ie/keyholder. When you fill the form in, it will go directly to our customer service team, who pass the new information over to our monitoring centre.

Your keyholder list is important to update as you stay with HomeSecure. Always remember to temporarily change the order of your keyholders when you go on holiday. You don’t want to be the first person getting called when you’re sipping a cocktail on a beach in Spain, as you won’t know if it’s a genuine or a false alert. You can always change the order back when you’re home.

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