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See the benefits of a monitored alarm system. Get an instant response 24/7 if your alarm system activates.

In 2018 the CSO reported that there were 17,673 burglary related offences in Ireland, that’s one break in every 30 minutes.
HomeSecure aims to reduce this number and over the same period our customers were proven to have 8.5 times fewer break-ins.
Simply put, intruders know that HomeSecure monitored homes have 24/7 protection and all activation’s result in an instant response. Burglars are statistically more likely to avoid a HomeSecure monitored home. Don’t become a statistic, secure your home today.

Trusted by over 25,000 Irish households, that’s tried and tested home protection you can count on.

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Wireless alarm system installed in your home from €49 as part of our March deal. Protect your world with 24/7 home monitoring.

Looking to secure your premises? HomeSecure for business offers installation for just €199 and monitoring from €1.31 per day.

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Switch your monitoring provider and save with HomeSecure. You’ll continue to receive 24/7 monitored protection, with an instant response, but at a more affordable price.

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We secure over 25,000 customers across Ireland, providing them with an instant response if the alarm is activated. Gain peace of mind knowing your home is protected 24/7. See how we can secure your home today with our modern alarm system.

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