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Did you receive something in the post relating to a HomeSecure alarm offer? If, so you're entitled to our fantastic €449 offer. This is the most cost effective way to protect your home. All of customers receive a bellbox, which says 'monitored alarm', which is a massive deterrent for any burglar. 84% of burglars will avoid a monitored home. The alarm provides an extra layer of assurance for you and your home. If a break-in does occur, you house will be protected and the keyholders (neighbours and family members, chosen by you) will be contacted and once a break-in is confirmed the Gardaí will be dispatched.


  • It's the most cost effective way to protect your home
  • It protects your home using a combination of door and motion sensors (5 sensors in total)
  • A break-in will be confirmed when a door and motion sensor have been activated
  • It comes with 24/7, 365 immediate response from our monitoring station and the Gardaí


  • We're licenced by the Private Security Authority and 100% Irish-owned
  • We offer unbeatable value for money
  • We offer market leading, easy to use, technology
  • All of our sensors are pet friendly
  • All our customers are pre-registered on the Garda Pulse System
    • Contacting the nearest Garda available for the quickest response time possible if a break-in is confirmed


  • Don't pay an extra €300 for a Home Security system, enjoy our HomeSecurity Pack for €299 - usually €599*
  • Our monitoring and maintenance costs just €1.05 per day - a small price to pay for peace of mind
  • Monitored home alarm customers receive on average 10-15% on their home insurance premium
  • Our alarms are powered by a GSM sim card and Wi-Fi, so there's no need for an expensive landline 

With over 2000 reported break-ins in Ireland every month, living in a monitored house will reduce your risk of being broken into - your home will be 3 times less likely to be burgled*. Trust HomeSecure to look after your biggest investment. 

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HomeSecure Wireless Alarm Pack

·         Wall mounted panel

·         7 sensors as standard (both motion and shock sensors to fit your home's needs)

·         HomeSecure deterrent bellbox for exterior of the house

·         Smart Phone App included, giving you remote access from anywhere

€449 (which includes install) RRP €699 - Offer Ends 28th February 2017 (Now Expired)