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We specialise in installing wireless home alarms and our ZeroWire™ is one of the leading wireless alarm systems in Ireland. Its sensors are wireless, so you don't need to worry about installers pulling wires all around your home, the panel also offers flexibility, so you can place it anywhere near a power source.

The pack offers internal and perimeter protection, securing your doors and vulnerable windows as well as motion sensors for the inside of your home. This way you know your home is fully protected, inside and out. Our ZeroWire™ panel comes with Police, Ambulance and Fire panic buttons, which are extremely handy in an emergency if you can't get to your phone.

The ZeroWire™ also contains a Z-Wave® radio, which enables homeowners to control Z-Wave connected lights, thermostats and plugs as well as other home automation features. 

About Our Wireless House Alarm

Protect your home from intruders with a monitored house alarm from HomeSecure. Our wireless house alarm system is one of the most advanced security system on the Irish market. Our sensors are wireless, so you won't have people coming in drilling endless holes and pulling wires throughout your house. It also enables for a quick and tidy alarm installation, which typically only takes around 90 minutes. Even if your home is pre-wired, we recommend installing a wireless alarm to future-proof your home and stay one step ahead of the burglars.

This wireless alarm works off a GSM sim card & WIFI, so you don’t need a landline to install the ZeroWire™ system. With the GSM sim, your alarm will even stay active for around 12 hours in the event of a power cut. With WIFI you're covered in the case of a mobile outage.

Finally, it's simple-to-use display, offers Garda, Fire and ambulance alert functions and a big button display.

With This Alarm You Get: 

  • Advanced alarm panel, fit with emergency buttons and a stay and away mode.

  • Security sensors (contact, motion, and shock detection - mix and match as you please)

  • All of our sensors are pet friendly

  • HomeSecure Intruder Deterrent AlarmBox for exterior of the house

  • Mobile App included in monitoring fee giving you remote access from anywhere

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Stay and Away Modes

The alarm has both a Stay and Away mode, so your home is secured whether you are home or out. 

The away mode arms all your sensors, meaning your internal and perimeter sensors are all live. This mode is recommended when your house is empty.

The stay mode is a smart feature, which remains a firm favourite with our 14,000 customers. The Stay mode arms your perimeter sensors (doors and windows), but disables your motion sensors, so your family or pets can walk around the home without setting off the alarm. With the majority of break-ins in Ireland occurring between 5pm - 11pm (a time we're usually at home), it's added peace of mind to know your home will be protected, but you can still enjoy the comforts of your own home. 

Book-in your appointment for our wireless system

To secure your booking, please call HomeSecure on 1800911731 and pay a €99 deposit. The €99 is fully refundable up until the installation date. Choose a date and time that suits you. We have home alarm installations all over Ireland and next day appointments are available.