With KBC or Ulster Bank?

With the departure of KBC and Ulster Bank you will be required to update various companies with your new banking information.

Contacting multiple companies can be stressful so we are here to make it as easy as possible for you!

You can use the link below to securely enter your new IBAN.
Once received we will update the information and your direct debit will continue on as previously scheduled

Help Homesecure on our mission to be green and reduce our paper use by using the links provided.
If you wish to speak to a member of our team please contact 01-4954187

Customer IBAN details

  • Enter Your IBAN Details

    Fill in the form below with your full IBAN details and make sure name, email etc is the same as the one used to sign up to HomeSecure.

We’re Fully Certified!

All of our work is certified by EQA (Ireland), the independent certification body [European Quality Agency] which covers electronic security systems and alarm monitoring. We are Licenced with the Private Security Authority (PSA licence 00638) and comply with SR 40: 2005 and EN 50131, the relevant European quality standards for electronic intruder alarm installations.

HomeSecure systems are built to the highest specifications and are designed to be tamperproof from burglars. All our products meet all relevant standards and are fully EN Certified

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