Switch To HomeSecure & Save On Your Monitoring

Switch to HomeSecure today and we may be able to take over your existing monitored house alarm system. We guarantee that we can save you money on your monthly monitoring costs, not only that we lock in our price for three years. 

Switch your monitoring is very much like switching your electricity provider, you can keep your existing alarm system and the switch only takes a moment. Don’t delay, start saving today. 

You may also be eligible for a free alarm panel upgrade. This means you can trade in your existing alarm for our state-of-the-art ZeroWire panel, which comes with the highest possible European safety rating, so you know you’ll be in safe hands.


Free Phone: 1800 911 731

Benefits of Switching to HomeSecure

  • Our alarms are monitored by Chubb, one of the most recognisable and trusted names in security
  • With HomeSecure, you will receive daily health checks on your alarm
  • HomeSecure register your address on the Garda Divisional Control Centre guaranteeing the fastest possible response time
  • Save hundreds on your monitoring costs
  • You can keep your existing panel (subject to compatibility) and we can take over your monitoring
  • We offer both internal and perimeter protection for your home
  • Dual monitoring: your alarm is monitored by a GSM unit as well as your Wi-Fi to ensure it’s never down


Switch & Save

On your monitoring fees


Switch & Save

Subject to compatibility


Switch & Save

On your monitoring fees

The free panel upgrades are open to both to HomeSecure and non-HomeSecure customers.

Don’t see your alarm? There are plenty of other house alarm systems both wired and wireless that we can take over. Please email in a picture of your panel to one of our experts today to determine if we can take over your alarm and save you hundreds on your monitoring costs.

If you're eligible for the free panel upgrade, you can enjoy our state of the art system free of charge, which is visible below.