Our Home Security Product Range:

Alarm Systems

Wireless burglar Alarm

Our ZeroWire™ burglar alarm is one of the most up-to-date home security systems on the Irish market. The alarm comes with panic buttons for the emergency services and it has a Stay function, enabling you to turn on the perimeter sensors when you are home.

Our home security pack comes with internal motion sensors and perimeter sensors, giving your home the protection, it deserves.

The panel is app compatible, which allows you to see when alarm has been disarmed and allows you to bypass sensors. You can also set or disable your alarm from your smart phone.

€199 (includes install) (RRP €699)

HomeSecure KeyFob

 HomeSecure remote alarm keyfob

KeyFob €90

The four-button KeyFob is a portable wireless device allowing customer to arm or disarm their system without having to memorise access codes or race to beat entry or exit delays. Similar to a car KeyFob, you can turn your alarm on or off from the touch of a button, so you won’t have to enter your pin your panel. The KeyFob is incredibly handy if you are coming home with bags of shopping and you’ll struggle to reach the panel in time or if you are in bed and don’t want to go downstairs to activate the alarm, simply activate your alarm with the touch of a button.

Battery lifetime (typical) 5 years

Open-air range   150 m

This fob also works as a panic button

When you receive your KeyFob, please contact HomeSecure and we will activate it with your alarm panel.

Smoke Detector

 HomeSecure smoke alarm

€150 (Includes install)

700 Series Optical Smoke Detector is a state of the art Smoke Detector that continually monitors its own sensitivity and operational status.  

Can run both automatic and manual self-diagnostics.

Once a day the smoke detector performs a full diagnostic test that includes dynamically testing the sensing chamber and internal electronics.

High false alarm immunity

Advanced alarm verification nuisance alarm immunity

Separate fire and fault LED

Any abnormal statuses are reported locally and to your ZeroWire™ panel.


 homesecure smart socket z wave

SmartPlug €90 (plus install) 

Make your home a Smart Home and take start your journey of home automation with the HomeSecure SmartPlug. The SmatPlug is designed to work alongside our ZeroWire alarm panel.

Control your Home from anywhere in the world. Remotely access HomeSecure’s Smart Plug via the HomeSecure App. Plug and play: simply plug your any item into your SmartPlug and control when it comes on / off through your Homesecure App.

If you're not home, switch on a light to give the impression the house is occupied to deter intruders

Set an item to come at a certain time every day. In the winter set the heating to come on 15 minutes before you come home from work or simply warm up your coffee machine so it's ready to go when you wake up.

Safety features: switch off hazardous items such as hair straightener / irons so they don't overheat

Save energy by being able to turn off TV, Computer, gaming systems as you go to bed at the touch of a button or even ensuring they are off when you are away