My Bill Explained: Here's why you're more protected with your HomeSecure system.


The last two years have been incredibly tough for all businesses throughout Ireland. With your support, we were able to safely navigate the economic challenges. Our customers have always been the centre of our business and that’s why we hadn’t increased our prices for customers in our first seven years of our business. However, with the current levels of inflation, the other challenges the last two years has brought and to ensure we can offer the same level of service for you, we now have had to pass on some of this cost to our customers. We trust you will continue to value the added safety our service offers, and we guarantee to continue to protect your world every day.

There is a break-in every 30 minutes in Ireland

As a HomeSecure customer you’re 8.5 times less likely to be broken-into vs. the nation average. This is because behind every HomeSecure Alarm there is a team of Home Monitoring professionals working 24/7 offering an instant response. We take control of every emergency and will even notify An Gardaí should someone manage to gain access to your home.

We are confident. Here's why:

HomeSecure only uses the highest quality installers and advanced home security systems to ensure all our customer’s homes are adequately protected from break-in attempts. HomeSecure’s alarm system sets the global standard for Smart Home Security and HomeSecure has the exclusive rights to distribute this alarm in Ireland.

Non-Monitored alarm
Keypad and Sensors
Daily Health Check
Notifications on mobile
Called if Alarm is Activated
24/7 Monitored Protection
Replacement Batteries
Resolve Faults Remotely
Affordable Installation Fee

Proven Home Protection

In 2018 the CSO reported that there were 17,673 burglary related offences in Ireland, that’s one break in every 30 minutes.

HomeSecure aims to reduce this number and over the same period our customers were proven to have 8.5 times fewer break-ins.

Simply put, intruders know that HomeSecure monitored homes have 24/7 protection and all activation’s result in an instant response.

Trusted by over 25,000 Irish households, that’s tried and tested home protection you can count on.

8.5 safer chart

Stay and Away Arming

One of the most commonly used and practical features of our system. Stay protected when you’re home and walk around without setting off your alarm system.

Away Mode

With a single press, arm all your internal and perimeter sensors. Perfect for when you’re away for the day. When you or you family are at home, enable the stay mode.

Stay Mode

Home Alone or just put the kids to bed? Activate the Stay Mode and your system will alert you immediately should someone attempt to gain access to your home. Our monitoring station will also call to ensure everything is safe at home.