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We’re one of Ireland’s leading monitored providers. Get 24/7 home protection with an instant response if your alarm is activated.

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HomeSecure protect over 28,000 homes across Ireland. Secure your home for free with our latest offer. Learn more about our monitoring service in the video below.

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Monitoring from only
€0.99 / day

Home Security Made Simple

With HomeSecure you pay for a top-notch monitoring service, which starts from less than €0.99 per day, which is billed monthly this covers your 24/7 monitoring, guarantees any faulty parts and even covers your batteries under a 3 year warranty. Not much to secure peace of mind for you and your family!

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Free Smartphone App Included – Secure Your Home From Anywhere

Arm your alarm remotely

Disarm your alarm before entering your home or for a visiting guest

Set alarm to Night Mode arming only your perimeter sensors

Check the alarm status to see if you remembered to set it

Send HomeSecure's 24/7 monitoring center a panic alert in the event of an emergency

Create multiple users for different family members

Get notified when alarm status is changed

Check your Alarm History, when it was armed, disarmed and by whom

Stay and Away Arming

One of the most commonly used and practical features of our system

Away Mode

With a single press, arm all your internal and perimeter sensors. Perfect for when you’re away for the day. When you or you family are at home, enable the stay mode.

Stay Mode

Home Alone or just put the kids to bed? Activate the Stay Mode and your system will alert you immediately should someone attempt to gain access to your home. Our monitoring station will also call to ensure everything is safe at home.


I am really happy with the ease of using the system as well as the support service

Niamh, Co. Dublin

No matter what mode, you can feel safe.

Feel safe and secure in your home, knowing that you’re receiving 24/7 protection inside and outside your home. Our sensor communication alerts in under 0.15 sec resulting in an immediate call from our monitoring station. If we detect an intruder in your home we will take control of the situation, notifing An Gardaí to a break-in in progress.

About our Monitoring

Our alarms come with a ‘Stay Mode’, which enables you to arm the perimeter of your home, which means your family can walk around, enjoying the comforts of your own home and it’s still protected. As all our sensors are pet friendly, so your pets can also roam around your home without setting off the alarm. You can also set the alarm to an ‘Away Mode’ when the house is unoccupied; arming all your perimeter and interior sensors.