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We’re one of Ireland’s leading monitored providers. Get 24/7 home protection with an instant response if your alarm is activated.


I am really happy with the ease of using the system as well as the support service

Niamh, Co. Dublin

No matter what mode, you can feel safe.

Feel safe and secure in your home, knowing that you’re receiving 24/7 protection inside and outside your home. Our sensor communication alerts in under 0.15 sec resulting in an immediate call from our monitoring station. If we detect an intruder in your home we will take control of the situation, notifing An Gardaí to a break-in in progress.

About our Monitoring

Our alarms come with a ‘Stay Mode’, which enables you to arm the perimeter of your home, which means your family can walk around, enjoying the comforts of your own home and it’s still protected. As all our sensors are pet friendly, so your pets can also roam around your home without setting off the alarm. You can also set the alarm to an ‘Away Mode’ when the house is unoccupied; arming all your perimeter and interior sensors.

Secure Your Home Today

Combining Smart Home monitoring technology and 24/7 assistance with comprehensive home insurance from, now that’s a clever idea!

HomeSecure customers are statistically 13.5 times less likely to be broken into; that’s why & HomeSecure have developed a Smarter Home Insurance offer which massively reduces your risk of a break in while also reducing your home insurance premium.

Looking for more information on how we can secure your home? Fill in the form for a callback and we can perform a home security assessment on your home and educate you on how the pack can work for your home.

Monitoring from Only
€1.15 / day

Your Home Protection

Before every installation, our Home Security Advisors call you to perform a walkthrough of your home. They are highly experienced in identifying how best to secure homes of all shapes and size, ensuring you’re clear about the services we will provide you and will aim to save you money on unnecessary extras. Our €99 installation fee is fixed so you simply pay for your monitoring depending on your needs.

Leak Protect

In this home we’ve placed our Leak detector under the bath. In other homes you may place this under the water tank in the attic or even a basement at risk of flooding.

Vibration Sensor

In this bedroom we’ve added a sensor so your alarm can still be armed if you wish to have your window open ajar on a warm summer’s night.

Motion Sensor

Every monitor home must have at least one motion sensor; its how we know when someone has gained access to you home. We’d always place a motion sensor in your hallway to captured any movement between rooms and the floors of your home.

Smoke Protect

We’ve place a smoke detector in the center of your home near the kitchen door, this will warn you of high smoke or rising heat levels with minimal false alerts

Back Door Contact Sensor

On your back door we’ve combined our vibration sensor with a contact sensor so if someone tried to force open the door or if it was left unlocked will will get an immediate alert. Glass or solid door, single or double we’ve got you covered with our advance sensor technology.

Vibration Sensor

This vibration sensor in your front window is protecting a single window frame with multiple openings. It will alert you if someone tries to force open any window. It also protects the glass if someone tries to break in.

Smoke Protect Plus

Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that, if left unchecked, it can be lethal.

Its recommended to have a CO sensor within range of any solid fuel or gas burning appliance.

You should also consider installing one in or near your bedrooms.

Sensors for every risk and the highest awarded security product in Europe

Intruder Alerts
Fire Prevention
Leak Detection

Advanced security detectors

We only use the latest sensor technology which detects the slightest movements and communicates alerts in under 0.15 seconds. One of these powerful little guys will secure the glass, opening and entire window frame meaning fewer sensors in your home and more money in your pocket. Affordable, scalable, budget friendly solution.

Alerts in under 0.15 seconds

Motion Sensor Iignores cats and dogs with weight of up to 20 kg and height up to 50 cm

Affordable, scalable, budget friendly solution.

Advance Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Our FireProtect sensors detect smoke before it becomes fire by promptly reacting to smoke and the sudden rises in temperature.

Our FireProtect Plus can also detect and protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Importantly these sensors work independently from the rest of the security system and link to one another so all sensors will sound in case of a real emergency.

Gives you 30 seconds to cancel a false alert

Uses wireless connection

Equipped with a siren and LED to guide you to safety

Advanced Protection from Water Damage

Water damage can do serious damage to your property and all too often goes unnoticed until the damage is already done.

Our LeakProtect sensors have special sensors on their base which specifically detect water.

Place one near your water tank in your attic or under any mains appliance that could leak like your washing machine or dishwasher. Also idea if you have a basement which is vulnerable to flooding.

Sends warning when water is detected and will alert you again when the water has dried up

Place in areas you wouldn’t normally has visibility

Detecting a small leak now will save you money in the future

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