Burglar Alarm System

Secure your home with our advanced burglar alarm system. Installation only €49 (Valued at €330)


90 Minute Installation

With the latest wireless technology, a typical home security installation takes less than 90 minutes. Whether your home is new or old we can secure it. Convenient, tidy and at a time that suits you.

Morning and afternoon time slots
We provide all needed equipment

24/7 Monitoring

With a 24/7 monitoring centre based in Ireland, we’re always ready to take action should a burglar attempt to gain access to your home. We specialise in instant response break-in prevention.

Professional Monitoring Personnel
We specialise in dual verified alarms

Pet Friendly

All our motion sensors use a digital algorithm to detect human movement so your pets can roam your home without setting off the alarm. Your sensor is programmed to ignore pets up to 50cm high and 20kg in weight. Protecting the whole family.

We protect the whole family
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We tailor every installation to meet our customers’ needs

Daily Health Check

Every night we send a signal to your Home Hub. Our Daily Heath Check confirms your battery strength and that every sensor in your home is working correctly. This way we always know our customers’ homes are secure for the day to come.

Up to 7-year battery life
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We guarantee all our equipment and batteries

Stay and Away Arming

One of the most commonly used and practical features of our system

Away Mode

With a single press, arm all your internal and perimeter sensors. Perfect for when you’re away for the day. When you or you family are at home, enable the stay mode.

Stay Mode

Home Alone or just put the kids to bed? Activate the Stay Mode and your system will alert you immediately should someone attempt to gain access to your home. Our monitoring station will also call to ensure everything is safe at home.


Great Service. Installation time took less than advised. No mess left. Easy to use – Highly recommended

Joanne, Co Cavan

It's time to update your home security

In 2018 there was a break-in in Ireland every 30 minutes (According to the CSO). We want you to feel safe and secure in your home, With our advanced system you’re protected whether you are home or out and about.

Our 25,000 customers receive 24/7 monitored protection and our sensors communicate alerts in under 0.15 seconds, giving you the fastest possible response time.

We use dual activation protection to detect home intrusions, so we can alert the Gardaí of a break-in in progress, allowing for the fastest response time possible.

Worried you’ll forget to set the alarm?

Make this worry a thing of the past, with our free Smartphone app. Simply open your app, check to see if your burglar alarm is set. If you did forget to set your system, arm it with the press of a button.

The app will notify you when someone changes the mode of the alarm, so you’ll know if your kids got home from school on time.

Secure Your Home From Your Phone

Remotely turn your burglar alarm on or off from your smartphone. Get time stamped notifications to see who has armed or disarmed your burglar alarm. Home Security made simple


Modern Burglar Alarm System

Meet our modern and stylish burglar alarm system. This system is exclusive to HomeSecure in the Irish market and offers industry leading technology. Secure your home or business today and get 24/7 monitored protection.


Offering the personal touch

Every installation ends with a full demo of how to use the key features of your new burglar alarm system, including the smart phone app and your KeyPad.


Sensors for every risk and the highest awarded security product in Europe

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Intruder Alerts
Fire Prevention
Leak Detection

Advanced security detectors

We only use the latest sensor technology which detects the slightest movements and communicates alerts in under 0.15 seconds. One of these powerful little guys will secure the glass, opening and entire window frame meaning fewer sensors in your home and more money in your pocket. Affordable, scalable, budget friendly solution.


Alerts in under 0.15 seconds


Motion Sensor Iignores cats and dogs with weight of up to 20 kg and height up to 50 cm


Affordable, scalable, budget friendly solution.

Advance Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Our FireProtect sensors detect smoke before it becomes fire by promptly reacting to smoke and the sudden rises in temperature.

Our FireProtect Plus can also detect and protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Importantly these sensors work independently from the rest of the security system and link to one another so all sensors will sound in case of a real emergency.


Gives you 30 seconds to cancel a false alert

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Uses wireless connection


Equipped with a siren and LED to guide you to safety

Advanced Protection from Water Damage

Water damage can do serious damage to your property and all too often goes unnoticed until the damage is already done.

Our LeakProtect sensors have special sensors on their base which specifically detect water.

Place one near your water tank in your attic or under any mains appliance that could leak, like your washing machine or dishwasher. Also ideal if you have a basement which is vulnerable to flooding.


Sends warning when water is detected and will alert you again when the water has dried up

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Place in areas you wouldn’t normally has visibility


Detecting a small leak now will save you money in the future