Moving Home Checklist: Ireland

Are you going through the stressful process of moving home? We want to ensure the moving process is as smooth and stress free as possible. At HomeSecure we are all about providing that extra peace of mind and have a few top tips to keep in mind when you are moving home.

  • Declutter and Plan

If you haven’t started packing yet our first tip is to declutter. Before you start to pack all of your belongings, get rid of everything you don’t want or have been meaning to drop to off at the charity shop. This will make the whole packing process easier and allow you to throw out any unnecessary items you don’t need. You don’t want to be carrying unnecessary clutter to a brand new home.

  • Do it bit by bit

So, you have a move in date and have assigned one day to pack your entire home. You have convinced yourself one day is enough, trust us, you need more than one day. A top tip is to set aside an hour or so a day and pack away items you know you won’t be using leading up to the move. When it comes to moving day, you will thank your past self.

  • Label every box

Once you do start to (gradually) pack, a good idea is to label every box. You can label each box in terms of what room the stuff is going to be put in or the contents in each box.  This will make the unpacking process a lot quicker and more importantly a lot easier.

  • Checklist

Once the packing is underway, it could be a good idea to start a checklist. You will have one hundred things to remember and making a checklist will ensure you don’t forget any of it. The checklist will ensure the tasks that take more time and effort are done, like paperwork and phone calls. You are probably wondering when a good time is to get the Wi-Fi, the television provider and especially your post sent over to your new address. Having these tasks outlined with specific dates when to call the provider can save a lot of last-minute stress when moving, especially when most providers will try to be as helpful as they can, and everything can correspond with your move in date. Making a checklist of all your products, can also be beneficial for your home insurance. Your content insurance asks for the price of everything in your home, making a checklist of items and their prices as you move them can save you a lot of time when sorting out your home insurance.

moving home checklist
  • Moving van

After you pack, you’re probably thinking how you are going to transfer all of your belongings over to your new home. If you’ve got a few nice family members or friends, they may be able to help you move your goods. Plan how many trips you may need and if it will be feasible. If not, think about hiring a moving van or renting a van for the day.

  • Take a meter reading

When you move out, you will have many expenses to cover. It is a costly time so make sure you read your meter and let your provider know the final reading, so you don’t have to pay extra charges when you move out.

  • House Alarm

Coming and going from your new home frequently? Trying to make the move easier by dropping over your belongings bit by it? However, it may surprise you to learn that thieves are on the lookout for any opportunity for a burglary. They are watching and waiting for new people to move in all with all their brand-new goods. Many still in the boxes and being delivered daily and with all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to miss them sat around watching and waiting for their opportunity. This is why so many people invest in a home alarm to get that extra peace of mind. A monitored alarm, like HomeSecure alarms will alert you if anyone was to try and enter your home and even can notify you before someone even gets inside your home. It is probably something you have not even thought about with 100 other things to do but could be what keeps you and your belongings safe.

  • Move your system with you

Did you know that if you are an existing HomeSecure customer, you can move your system with you. If you are moving home, your system doesn’t have to be left behind. Just let HomeSecure know about the move and we have got it all covered.

So, the top tips to make your move as stress free as possible are,

  1. Declutter and plan
  2. Do it bit by bit
  3. Label every box
  4. Make a Checklist
  5. Find a moving van
  6. Take a meter reading
  7. Look into getting a house alarm

Right now, HomeSecure are offering an installation fee of just €49. We offer 24/7 protection, 365 days a year. If you are wondering what the next step is when securing your new home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our freephone on 1800 844 024

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