Three Tips to get your Home Winter Ready

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You may be ready for cosy winter nights by the fire, thinking about putting up your Christmas tree and investing in a few extra blankets, but what if we told you your home might need some help preparing for the cold months ahead. With the proper preparation, you can avoid common winter pitfalls by following the few steps below.

First things first, Schedule a Chimney Inspection,

As the mornings and evenings get colder (we all know how quickly this happens in Ireland), we all rush to light our fires. Lighting a fire not only gives that extra bit of heat, cutting energy costs, it adds an element of coziness to the home. If you’re looking forward to lighting your fire this winter, we suggest scheduling to get your chimney cleaned. Over 60% of chimney fires start in the winter months, and damage has been estimated to be around 120million if the fire spread, according to a US report. Stay ahead this winter by investing in a new Smoke & Co detector. With HomeSecure, our FireProtect sensors detect smoke before it becomes fire by promptly reacting to smoke and the sudden rises in temperature. The FireProtect with CO can also detect and protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Clean Gutters and Cut Overgrown Trees

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Whether your area experienced the brunt of storm Debi or just a few wet summer days, there’s a good chance your gutters are full of debri. The build-up can block your drains and potentially lead to water seepage into your home. To prevent these issues in the winter, you should clean out your gutters and drains now and check to ensure water flows out smoothly. Speaking of storm Debi, the aftermath left a lot of Irish roads blocked from fallen trees and branches (you should have seen my garden this morning). Cutting away tree branches, or unsteady trees that could get weighed down and fall on your home will leave you one step ahead of damage during a storm.

Install a HomeSecure Alarm

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While you get ready to do your Christmas shopping or head to the Christmas nativity, installing a HomeSecure Alarm can help you give you peace of mind that your home is protected. Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors detect when doors or windows are open, or there’s activity in your home. For extra protection, you can connect extra products to detect leaks and cameras to keep that extra eye on your home. With HomeSecure, you’ll get real-time notifications on your HomeSecure App when your alarm is triggered, keeping you in the know from anywhere, anytime. A benefit of having a HomeSecure alarm during the winter is the back up battery, over 50,000 homes were without power due to storm Debi. Homes with the HomeSecure alarm did not need to worry that their home was protected as they left the house for work. The alarm comes with 15-18 hours extra battery time if there is a power cut, keeping you and your home protected.

The HomeSecure Black Tag Month Sale is now on until November 24th, keep your home safe and secure this winter with our FREE internal camera. Get a quote at, or contact our sales agents at 01 920 3787 today!

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