Security Systems Advancements Helping Reduce Home Burglaries

The Gardaí have revealed that crime in Ireland has moved away from burglaries to drugs in recent years. We know from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) that burglaries in Ireland are decreasing, and the Gardaí stated that advances in security system technology, and the increased Garda activity through Operation Thor are two of the main reasons for the drop in break-ins.

We’re delighted to see burglaries decreasing in Ireland and that the Gardaí are citing advancements in home security technology as one of the main reasons. We’ve always strived to lead the advancements in alarm technology in the Irish market.

Advancements we’ve made over the last few years

Our customers have access to a smartphone app, where you can remotely arm your alarm from anywhere in the world, so you never have to worry about forgetting to set your system ever again. Our KeyPad has panic buttons, which alert the monitoring station in the event of an emergency. Our wireless sensors also have advanced technology, if someone even attempts to gain access to your home our monitoring station will be alerted immediately.

homesecure app in hand

All our customers of course get an instant response from our monitoring station if the alarm activates and they can alert the Gardaí of a break-in in progress. With the increased Garda presence in high crime areas through Operation Thor, you’re getting the best of best worlds.

The Gardaí revealed that lower level criminals are avoiding burgling homes as the advancements in technology is making it too difficult and they’re going back to the drug trade. We know from analysing CSO break-in statistics that HomeSecure homes are over 8.5 times safer than the national average. Which is line with what the Gardaí are saying that intruders will avoid homes with high tech security systems. As more

There’s a break-in in Ireland every 30 minutes

Although burglaries are dropping, there’s still one recorded on average every 30 minutes in Ireland and remember this is the busiest time of the year for break-ins. It’s important to set your system even when you’re home over Christmas!

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