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Did you know, when you become a HomeSecure customer you get a free app? The app allows you to control your home security from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on the school run or on the beach in the Canaries you can arm, disarm, and even check who was the last person to use your alarm. And you can do this all by the touch of a button on your App. 

Arming and Disarming Your System

Whether you’re on the beach in Spain, picking your kids up on the school run or even in your home you can arm and disarm your system using the app. For instance, you may be at home and want to set your alarm. Instead of heading to the keypad, you can take out your phone and set your HomeSecure alarm to ‘Stay Mode’. This mode arms all perimeter sensors, protecting you from potential break-ins but allows you to walk around your house.

‘Away Mode’ can also be chosen when you are out of the house. Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, popping to the shops or heading out for a quick walk, you can check to see if you armed your system before you left and if you didn’t you can arm it with the tap of a button.

Alarm Notifications

The app can not only be used to arm and disarm your alarm, but you can also check who has set and disabled your alarm. By adding additional users to the app, you can see who is using the system by enabling notifications. The app has a feature called alarm history where you can get a full historic view of all comings and goings from your home. This is a feature used by many to check if children have arrived home from school. Once your child has disarmed the system, you will not only be notified with the time the system was disarmed but with who exactly disarmed it.

Notifications also allow you to keep an eye on what doors and windows are open. If you go to set your alarm and have left a door or window open the HomeSecure app will notify you, alerting you that these access points have been left open and your alarm cannot be set.


Panic Alert

Unique to HomeSecure, is the panic button on the app. In the case of an emergency, you can press the panic button and a GPS location will be sent to all other app users.

The panic alert is a great function if you require the Gardai, Fire Brigade or an Ambulance. Press the panic button and our monitoring team will ring you immediately and assist your needs. If you are in a Taxi, or walking home late at night or even obtain an injury on a hike, the GPS feature on the app can offer you additional peace of mind! Recently the panic button was used after a woman fell at home, she could not make it to her keypad and was severely injured. By using the panic alert function, it allowed emergency services to respond in record time.

Where can I get the HomeSecure App?

The HomeSecure app is free to download for HomeSecure customers. You can get the App on the Google Play Store for Android and on the App Store for Apple.

If you are an existing customer, you can send us an enquiry to create and invite additional users to control your system via their Smartphone. Already have your app, but want to add more users? To add additional users to use the app, get the primary account holder to email [email protected] with the email address of the friend / family member they wish to add.


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