Notorious Five arrested in Garda surveillance operation

Five members of the notorious ‘Cock Wall’ house burglary gang arrested after Garda surveillance operation which saw them gain free roam of a home, entirely undetected by owners.

The so called notorious ‘Cock Wall’ burglary gang have been responsible for a series of burglaries across Ireland. Their spate of break-in may be at an end after five, include two senior, members were arrested over the weekend

The Gardaí had the gang under surveillance and caught them red-handed as they entered a home in Dún Laoghaire. A senior source said the intruders went into every room in the house and the occupants were home at the time but didn’t suspect a thing. He went on to say:

“It shows how good they are at what they do that they can creep into the property without drawing attention to themselves. Fortunately, Gardaí had an operation in place watching them and once they left the premises, they were all arrested.”

burglar in home with torch

The men in question are understood to be aged between their early 20s and 40s, with two of the arrested suspected to be senior members of the burglary gang.

From everyone at HomeSecure, we’d like to commend the Gardaí on their successful operation here! It is also a reminder for homeowners to stay vigilant as burglaries are still happening. It can be easy to switch off when you are home, *particularly as we’re all home more often these days.* As we saw with the instance in Dún Laoghaire, burglars will still strike, even when you’re home. We urge all HomeSecure customers to remember to set their system to the ‘Stay Mode’ when they’re home and to the ‘Away Mode’ when out of the house, even if you’re just going on a short walk within your *5km radius*.

Over the weekend, the Gardaí also revealed that burglaries in Dundalk last month were more than double the same period in 2020, in spite of the level 5 lockdown. Another reminder to keep your home security top of mind and if you’re someone looking to secure your home with a monitored alarm,*free phone* us on 1800911731

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