Homeowners becoming more worried about home security as Christmas approaches

December is now here, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to start your Christmas shopping! It’s a time of the year when we’re often out of the home, either shopping or out enjoying the festivities with friends and family. Our homes are also full of high value gifts, which are often stored in the one place. Although home security probably won’t be your number one priority this time of the year, it has to be remembered that it’s historically a time when burglars strike.

With that in mind, the AA recently surveyed over 5,000 of their home insurance customers, asking them about home security. They found that over half of homeowners were more concerned about a break-in compared to this time last year, with one in five surveyed saying they were significantly more concerned that they’d be the victim of a break-in this year. The people surveyed weren’t just worried about themselves, a similar number were significantly more concerned that a friend or family member would be burgled.

AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan, recommends that you add any high value items you receive this Christmas to your contents insurance as soon as you can.

intruder in home at christmas

The Gardaí have previously revealed that the most common time for a break-in during the winter months is between 5pm – 10pm. This is a time when we’d usually be home, so if you are home, remember to put your alarm into the Stay Mode, securing your home if someone tries to gain access. If you are out visiting friends or family over Christmas, always remember to fully arm your home security system  by setting it to Away Mode.

Not sure if you’ve set your system or not? No problem, you can always check the status of your alarm and arm it from your HomeSecure App.

Remember that HomeSecure customers have been proven to be 8.5 times safer than the national average and that your intruder deterrent box states your home is monitored. If anyone does attempt to gain access to your home, you’ll receive an immediate response from our monitoring station. Interested in securing your home in time for Christmas? Call 1800911740 today!

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