Why you should invest in a Monitored Alarm this Summer

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Are you planning a trip this Summer? Whether it’s a trip down the country or a beach holiday, getting away is always one of the highlights for Irish people this time of the year. It’s always good to get away, but it’s also nice to return to your home comforts.

The last thing you want to see when you open the door to your home is to see you’ve been burgled when you were away! That is why investing in a Home Security system before you head away might be something worth thinking about!

Deciding on a home alarm is a big decision, especially in a market with so many options. One of the many questions you are probably asking yourself is if you want a monitored or non-monitored alarm.

If it is peace of mind you are after, knowing your home is protected when you are travelling this summer; a monitored alarm is probably your best bet! Having a monitored home security system means that a triggered alarm will send an alert to a monitoring station, who will then send the relevant emergency department to your home, not only taking the responsibility out of your hands, but giving you that extra peace of mind.

Deters Intruders

A monitored home alarm system can provide numerous benefits for homeowners. First and foremost, it can help deter burglars and intruders from attempting to enter the home which is probably the number one reason you are in the market for a security system.

When a burglar clocks the flashing light of the HomeSecure monitored system, they are more likely to move on to an easier target.

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24/7 Monitoring

If a break-in does occur, the alarm system will immediately notify the monitoring company who can then alert the authorities. The monitoring team is active 24/7, looking after your home when you are not at home. This can significantly reduce the response time and increase the chances of catching the intruders. It also takes the worry off your back, knowing the monitoring team will send the Gardai if an intruder was to enter your home.


Now the big question and the one you’re probably most worried about is the cost. Nobody wants to fork out an arm and a leg for an alarm system, especially when you have a few holidays planned this summer.  You also want to ensure your family is fully protected, along with your home and belongings when you are away. A monitored alarm may seem more expensive than an unmonitored alarm, however you may be surprised to know there is usually a hefty price to buy and install an unmonitored alarm. That doesn’t account for any service issues you may have. With a monitored alarm, they offer a monthly subscription to cover the monitoring service and an upfront installation fee. But a main thing to note here is, most monitored alarms are wireless. This means if you do have a problem with your alarm, the problem can be solved remotely, eliminating a call out fee.


Additional Support

Monitored companies like HomeSecure offer additional support and come with additional technology such as an App, which is all covered in the monthly fee. So, paying that little bit extra, allows you to check in on your home from abroad using the App while also giving you that peace of mind knowing that if your alarm was to trigger the monitoring team is on it!

Less False Alarms

Ever heard an alarm go off and ignored it? Haven’t we all! The Irish Journal found that 87% of people admitted that they would ignore a ringing alarm altogether, passing the affected home or business without a second glance. That is worrying, but with a monitored alarm your alarm will only ring if a sensor was triggered. A monitored alarm makes you less self-reliant or less reliant on your neighbour! With our notifications, APP and our monitoring team, you will never have to worry about a false alert and will always know if someone was to break into your home, the monitoring team will contact you or a keyholder.

Extra Security

I know when I go away, I usually ask a neighbour to check in on my home. I overthink that I left the oven on, or a tap running. What if we told you HomeSecure can alert you if there is a leak or fire!

When you decide to go with a monitored alarm, you can protect your home by adding extra products such as a leak detector, this can send a warning when water is detected and even when the water has dried up, saving you time and money!

You can also avail of a smoke alarm, this product scans your home and will alert you to sudden rises of temperature.

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HomeSecure specialise in monitored alarms and offer a monthly subscription package which includes a minimum of six sensors, a smartphone app and best of all it is fitted in just 90 minutes. HomeSecure is offering installation for only €49, this June!

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