HomeSecure come 5th in Deloitte’s TechFast50

colm dlay homesecure award are delighted to have placed 5th in Deloitte’s annual awards for the fastest growing technology companies in Ireland, on the back of this success we featured in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post where we discuss the alarm market and how we are looking towards a brighter technologically future.

Our CEO Colm Daly explained what this honour meant to him and the ethos we follow when dealing with all our customers.

“We have faced stiff competition and difficulty from incumbent, traditional players in the market. But by having faith in a great product and a real focus on customer service we have developed a growing community of loyal customers.”

The focus is always on trying to tailor each customer journey to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

One way we are improving our service is through the adoption of new technology, we have rigorous standards that all our products must meet before being released to the public. We strive to have everything right the first time. Colm continued to say

“Modern Ireland is a much-changed place, particularly in the last 10-15 years. Life is a lot more demanding for consumers and in turn they are demanding more. We are actually looking to drop the word ‘alarm’ from our vocabulary, we protect homes, prevent crime and look to be in tune with the lives of our customers. 

Technology facilitates this ambition, so we look to bring more advanced solutions onto the market. We run a daily health check on all our systems to further safe guard our customers from unforeseen issues.

Here is the list of the t 10 from the Deloitte Technology Fast 50:

deloitte fast 50

One of the stand out ways our system helps our customers beyond burglary prevention, is the panic buttons. Each panel and KeyFob allows for the activation of the panic alarm which will get a guaranteed response from the Fire Brigade or Ambulance Service. Colm notes:

“Uniquely, over 25 per cent of our attended activations are not crime related. We have some really positive stories about Ambulance and Fire services responding to our customers’ calls.”

A sentiment held by the entire team is that:

“This is a proud moment for the team behind However, our focus is always on our customers. The limit to how quick we grow will always be about our ability to service and look after our current customers correctly. They have put their trust in us to protect and secure what they hold dear. We will always respect this”.

With this in mind we want to thank all of our 12,000 plus customers to date, we couldn’t have gotten here without you. You can find more information below on Deloitte’s TechFast50.

If you want to enquire about purchasing a house alarm with HomeSecure, please ring us on 1800 911 740 to see how we can tailor our smart alarm solution for your home.

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