Gardaí investigating series of burglaries in North Dublin

Gardaí in Blanchardstown are investigating a number of burglaries that occurred in the Dublin 15 region on New Year’s Eve and during the first few days of January. The burglaries took places in a number of homes in Castleknock and surrounding areas.

Gardaí believe that the same gang carried out the break-ins. The gang is made up of Eastern European nationals and it’s understood they drive around in a Mercedes A Class after being caught on residential CCTV footage, where two men with their faces covered entered one of the targeted homes.

Targeting high income areas

Gardaí imagine the gang travel in the luxury car, so they can go unnoticed in the wealthier areas that they’re targeting. As it’s not a large van for example, Gardaí suspect they’re after smaller, high value items like jewellery, car keys, portable electronic devices and cash.

With the darker evenings, January remains one of the busiest times for burglars, who will target homes knowing there will be new, high-value items there after Christmas. It’s a shame to think they’re targeting homes on a joyous night like New Year’s Eve, when many of us are out enjoying the festivities, but sadly burglars see these kind of nights as the perfect time to strike.


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Gardaí have helped reduce burglaries in North Dublin in recent years through Operation Thor, but homeowners in the area are encouraged to remained vigilant and f you see any suspicious activity in your area that meet the descriptions above, contact your nearest Garda station.

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