Further Protect Your Home with HomeSecure

External Camera

Have you recently seen our new cameras advertised on social media and wondered if they would be a good fit to compliment your HomeSecure system? When you become a HomeSecure customer, you can avail of extra security elements such as cameras and keyfobs for as little as €2 extra a month!

We offer a few different options for cameras. Whether you are interested in getting an internal camera, an external camera or a doorbell camera, we have it all. The handy thing about these products is that they are completely self-installed, eliminating a call out fee to fit them and they all come with a FREE APP allowing you to check in on real time! Unsure which one suits your home best and what area you want to protect? Let us tell you about each product to make your decision easier!

Smart Home Camera

The internal smart home camera is a small, but stylish modern Wi-Fi camera. This camera not only protects your family and updates you when you’re away, it records special moments that can be stored in the Ezviz App. The handy thing about this camera is that it has full HD night vision, so it picks up movement during the night, alerting you of activity in the home. You’re probably thinking where the best area is to place it or how am I alerted if there is movement? The smart home camera is small enough to be placed anywhere but we advise placing it an entry way or areas you consider to be easily accessible. It can be used in so many practical ways, to check on your pets while you are at work or even as a baby monitor in your children’s room!

External Camera

The external camera that you can add to your HomeSecure package is a handy feature that you can set up to keep an eye on your outdoor space. Thanks to two built-in spotlights, this external camera can record in colour imaging even in pitch-black darkness. This allows you to maximise your security, while picking up crucial details. If you live in a highly built-up area or have a lot of movement around your home, you could be thinking this camera is not for you. The cool thing about the external camera is that is smart enough to distinguish people from other objects such as pets and vehicles. We know how annoying it is to be alerted by a false threat, so this camera is a handy solution, not only allowing you to use an app to check in on the area, but the built in sensor and algorithm are intelligent enough to only notify you when it detects people.

App for the camera

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras have become extremely popular in recent year, which is why we’d made them something you can add to your package. The doorbell camera that you can add to your HomeSecure package can fit any door and features smart motion detection and wide view. Similar to the other cameras, you can get motion alerts and notifications. What is great with this doorbell camera is that it alerts you if someone has entered the space the camera is facing, they don’t even need to press the bell for you to be notified! When someone does ring your doorbell, your APP allows you to check in and see who it is, not only giving a real time view, but it also has two-way audio. So, you can also talk through the APP! Another handy feature of the doorbell camera is that it is waterproof, so even in the Irish weather you are always protected! 

If you are interested in adding any of the cameras mentioned above, you can add them onto your HomeSecure package for a small monthly fee of €3. It doesn’t matter how many cameras you would like, the €3 fee covers them all. You can also subscribe to the Ezviz APP which allows you to back up your videos on cloud storage and look back on recent activity.

Further Protect your Home

HomeSecure also offer additional security products such as smart plugs and keyfobs to not only secure your home but also give you peace of mind!

house alarm products


This handy add on acts as a keypad in your pocket. It allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely with the press of a button. Our customer service team will talk you through setting it up and once it is enabled it includes a panic function with immediate response from emergency services. This feature allows you to set your alarm from anywhere in the home, no need to keep getting up to the keypad!

Smart Plug

Plug anything into this smart plug and set a time for your appliances to come on. Whether it is your kettle for your morning coffee or your bedside lamp to wake you up, you can become smarter with your appliances. Not only is it a handy add one, but it can also work as a deterrent. When you are away you can set a light to come on a during the day, allowing it to look like someone is home. Smart, right?

If you are thinking about adding cameras or extra security products to your HomeSecure system, check out our products page here or else you can contact us on 01 495 7070.

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