CSO burglaries findings for the first half of 2019

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) today revealed the recorded crime rates for Ireland during the second quarter (April – June) of this year. Which gives us the burglary rates across the country for the first half of 2019.

Overall burglaries was a total of 3,856 burglaries and related offences in Q2 of this year and 8,078 for the first half of the year.

Dublin accounted for 47% of all burglaries in Ireland for the first half of the year. Dublin West Garda division recorded the highest number of burglaries for the first half of 2019, with 894. This figure is up 30% compared to the first half of 2018.

Overall the trend of burglaries decreasing continues, down 4% compared to the first half of 2018. Although there was a drop nationwide, Dublin and the Eastern region (which includes Kildare, Laois / Offaly, Meath, Westmeath and Wicklow Garda Divisions) both had increases, two and five percent respectively. Every other region had a decrease in break-ins, the biggest was in the West, which has a drop of 24% yearly! The West also remains the safest region, with just 270 in the area.

The biggest individual increase was in Wicklow, which is up 33% yearly!

Although burglaries fell by 4% across the country, we recently surveyed our customers and 58% of HomeSecure customers believe burglaries are increasing in their area, with one in two reporting to know somebody who was the victim of a break-in in the last 12 months alone!

72% of our customers surveyed also revealed that peace of mind was the biggest benefit of having a monitored alarm. Showing that even if you feel your area is being targeted, you can gain peace of mind for your family, by having a monitored alarm system. We know that having a HomeSecure monitored alarm made your home on at over times more secure than the national average.

HomeSecure CEO Colm Daly welcomes the drop in burglaries across the country:

“It’s very positive to see this number fall once again. More and more Irish people are becoming security conscious and with an increase in new homes being built, one of the first priorities has to be to protect it. Although these stats are positive, it’s important to stay vigilant. Coming into the Winter months, we know burglaries can increase by upwards of 30% when the clocks go back. Burglars don’t like to be seen and enjoy working under the cover of darkness and the final few months of the year are historically the busiest times for break-ins. I’d like to remind all HomeSecure customers to set their alarm even if they’re at home.“

Colm Daly, HomeSecure CEO
monitored alarm box on home

We’ve provided a region by region breakdown of the burglary and related offences for the first half of 2019, see if burglaries are up or down where you live!

Dublin Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Dublin South Central607+11%
Dublin North Central 291-25%
North Dublin824+9%
South Dublin655-5%
East Dublin 511-20%
West Dublin 894+30%

South East Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Kilkenny / Carlow 147-16%

Eastern Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Laois / Offaly 208-8%

Southern Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Cork City241-5%
Cork North 132+2%
Cork West 51-2%

Western Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Roscommon / Longford 138-6%

Northern Region

AreaNo. of burglariesChange from 2018
Cavan / Monaghan 204+2%
Sligo / Leitrim 116-25%

It is important to note that the CSO are still releasing these statistics under reservation.

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*HomeSecure customers survey, was conducted in September 2019, surveying 219 customers.
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