Continuing to Protect Your World

With the recent uncertainty around… well everything lately, we wanted to reassure our customers that HomeSecure will continue to Protect Your World.

First and foremost, our monitoring station is classed as an emergency response service and will remain open. From hurricane Ophelia to the ‘Beast from the East’ nothing stops our crew, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) have robust protocols in place and are well accustom to remaining open when other business may close.

All the world may be focused on Covid-19 but our security systems will be working hard to secure your home and family.

monitoring station man open 24/7

How to we ensure we stay open?

There’s some serious security and contingency measure in place. Our ARC staff monitor banks, large retail chains and even some prison services, so they are kept safe while they also monitor our 17k customers homes 24 hours a day.

Our monitoring station also backs up to two other locations which are also staffed 24/7 so we have a plan B and C in place at all times.

Don’t forget your panic buttons!

hand at alarm system

While panic shopping is not cool, HomeSecure’s emergency response or ‘Panic’ button feature is. All our alarms are linked to our 24/7 monitoring centre which response immediately to a panic alert.

An important reminder for any elderly or vulnerable people that may be at home by themselves, remember your panic button features. In a period where we all feel a bit more on edge than normal, we can stress out trying to find a phone during an emergency, but the panic button on your alarm never moves, it’s always there if you need it. If you do require the emergency service, this alert will go to the monitoring station who can send out the relevant Garda, Ambulance or even Fire service to your home.

We’ll keep you updated as the news comes through to us. Stay safe and secure and please don’t bulk buy half of your local supermarket, let’s all keep our cool as we ride this one out together.

Your home will continue to be protected, one less thing to worry about.

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