40% more concerned of a break-in this winter

AA Ireland carried out a recent survey to 3,000 Irish homeowners and despite the nationwide level 5 restrictions, almost 4 of the 10 respondents said they more concerned about the risk of a burglary to their home this winter, compared to last year.

15.23% of those surveyed strongly agreed that they were more concerned about a home break in this winter, than they were in 2019. Meanwhile, a further 24.22% somewhat agreed that their level of concern was higher this winter. Resulting in 39.45% of all respondents stating that are more concerned of a rise in winter 2020.

Break-in stats-ireland

This figure actually raises to just below 50% when asked if they were more concerned about a break-in affecting an elderly relative this winter, compared to 2019. 23.33% were strongly concerned and 25.95% were somewhat agreed that they were more concerned about a break-in for an older relative over the coming months.

According to data from Án Garda Síochána Analysis Service over the last three years, November is the busiest month of the year for burglaries. So, we warn our customers to stay vigilant this month and leading up to Christmas in particular. It’s prime time for burglars, so make sure you always set your system, even when you’re home, you should have the system on Stay Mode. If you’re ever unsure if you set the alarm, whether you’re home or out and about, your app will tell you the current status of the app and you can of course arm it from anywhere from your smartphone.

Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated: 

“Over the coming weeks, many of us are likely to be spending more time at home than we ordinarily would, so it can be easy to think that home security isn’t as important this year. While the increased Garda presence policing the COVID-19 restrictions may also put would-be burglars off, the risks of a break-in typically peak during the winter period and even being away from your home for a short, essential trip could provide a burglar more than enough time,”  “We’re all hoping for some slice of normality and pre-Christmas festivities after the current restrictions are eased, but now is the time to double-check that your home is secure. Check the alarm, check any potential points of entry, and check that your home insurance policy is up to date and that you have added any valuable items you may have bought during the past year to your contents cover.”

If you’re looking to secure your home with a monitored alarm this winter, please call 1800911740.

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