5 Quick Ways To Secure Your Home This Summer

Today marks the first EU-wide Focus Day on domestic burglaries, so we wanted to share five quick tips on how to secure your home this Summer.

With the secondary schools finished for another year and the primary pupils counting down the days for their freedom. For many HomeSecure customers, the summer holidays can be a big change to the normal day to day routine.

You may be lucky enough to be enjoying a summer holiday with the family and when we go on holidays every household has their own routines. There are people who insist on plugging everything out, people who pack their suitcase days in advance, the last minute packers and others who just insist “I’ll get new clothes when I’m over there”. We want to make sure that your home security becomes part of your pre-holiday routine!

As your home will be empty for a time, it’s vitally important to remember to set your alarm to the Away Mode. With the stress of holiday mornings, getting everybody ready for your red eye flight, making sure you have your suitcases and checking your pockets for your passports every 30 seconds; it’s easy to forget about your home alarm system.

The last thing you want is to wonder “Did I set the alarm” when you’re halfway to the airport. You’re on a precious time schedule and don’t want to turn around. The solution? Download the HomeSecure app before your holiday and check the status of the alarm while you’re on the road.

Forgot to set your alarm?

No problem and no need to drive back home. You can set your alarm from your smartphone! Simply open your HomeSecure app and if you see the alarm status as disabled, you can arm it to the Away Mode in just one simple tap.

With your home vacant for a couple of weeks, it may be scoped out by burglars. Most burglaries won’t just choose a home at random, they don’t want to be caught and often observe a house for a few days to see if anyone is home.


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Having a neighbour or family member visit your home every night and morning even just for a few minutes can make a big difference. Get them to make your home looked ‘lived in’ by turning on and off lights in the evening and pulling curtains.. You can modernise this tried and tested method by plugging a lamp into a SmartPlug. You’ll then be able to switch the lamp on or off from a smartphone app. Remove post that may be stuck in the letterbox as well. These may be simple, traditional methods, but even this can deter someone who may be watching your home.

If you have a neighbour visiting your home and don’t want to give them your alarm code. Get them to call / text you before they’re coming over, you can disarm the alarm before they enter and set it again when they’re gone.

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An empty driveway for a long period of time is a clear indication that a house is empty. If a neighbour or family member living nearby has a second car, ask them to park it in your drive a few days a week to help give the house a lived in look.

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The first two tips are traditional, tried and tested methods, but step three is a 21st century problem that has arose. Social media has become a massive part in modern day society and we’re obsessed about telling all our friends and followers where we are. Even before your holiday has begun, how many people check in to the airport (often showing a pint of Guinness or two). Many of us are guilty of this, making our friends envious of our trip, but this is an open invitation to burglars, you’re basically telling them, you won’t be home for at least a few days.

If you have to share your holiday snaps with your followers, just do it when you’re home.

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When you’re abroad, you should change the order of your alarm keyholders. If the alarm is set off, you don’t want to get a call when you’re away because you wouldn’t know if it’s a false or genuine activation. It would make more sense for a neighbour or someone minding the home to be the first person to call if the alarm does go off.

You can change them back to normal once you’re home.

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Again, it’s vitally important to remember to set your alarm to the Away Mode when you’re on holiday. This will arm all your internal and perimeter sensors, so your alarm will activate if someone attempts to enter your home. Give your home the ultimate protection, when you leave, so you can enjoy your holiday, knowing your home is being looked after 24/7.

 If you’re interesting in securing your home with a monitored alarm this summer, call us on 1800911740

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