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The Crime Statistics Office (CSO) have released their recorded crime statistics for 2019. There were a total of 16,722 burglary and related offences in Ireland last year. This figure is down just 1% compared to 2018.

Although a very slight decrease, it’s the second year in a row that burglaries have decreased in Ireland and numbers remain a stark difference to the totals we saw in in the mid-2010s when 25,000+ burglaries were recorded every year. It’s important to note that these figures from the Garda divisions are still under investigation by the CSO.

As expected, Dublin region had the highest number of recorded burglary related offences with 46% of burglaries occurring in the capital. Dublin West had more burglaries than any other Garda Division in the country with over 1,800, an increase of 18% from 2018.

The Eastern region of Ireland saw the highest increase year on year, up 10% from 2018 with Wicklow seeing the biggest increase from any Garda Divison, up 37% annually. Westmeath saw the second highest jump year on year, up 25% from 2018.

The West of Ireland was proven again to be the safest region in Ireland, as break-ins actually decreased here a further 14% from 2018. While Cork West Garda Division recorded the lowest number of burglary and related offences in the country. Mayo remains the safest county overall.

Although at the moment many of us are home and maybe feel like we won’t be targeted by burglars, it’s important to remember they traditionally strike in the evening time (5pm – 11pm), when you’d likely to home anyway, before the days of lockdowns.

Home invaders may be watching houses, learning your new routines, aiming to strike when you go for daily bit of exercise or a pop to the shops.

It’s important you remember your home security and to always set your alarm, even when you are home.

Garda Division Breakdown

Cavan / Monaghan: 419 (+3%)

Clare: 218 (-22%)

Cork City: 486 (-6%)

Cork North:235 (-9%)

Cork West: 99 (-15%)

Donegal: 262 (-16%)

Dublin East: 1,042 (-12%)

Dublin South Central: 1,192 (+7%)

Dublin South: 1,400 (0%)

Dublin North Central: 598 (-23%)

Dublin North: 1,677 (+3%)

Dublin West: 1,812 (+18%)

Galway: 531 (-13%)

Kerry: 258 (+2%)

Kildare: 986 (+9%)

Kilkenny / Carlow: 355 (-13%)

Laois / Offaly: 434 (-4%)

Limerick: 813 (-13%)

Louth: 515 (-22%)

Mayo: 170 (-19%)

Meath: 573 (-8%)

Roscommon / Longford: 243 (-5%)

Sligo / Leitrim: 214 (-13%)

Tipperary: 402 (+7%)

Waterford: 365 (-11%)

Westmeath: 309 (+25%)

Wexford: 483 (+6%)

Wicklow: 681 (+37%)

HomeSecure CEO Colm Daly welcome the decrease in burglaries:

“We welcome the decrease in burglaries, it’s great to get some positive news during this unprecedented period we find ourselves in.

We all have a lot on our mind with the unique and unsettling times we see ourselves in at the moment, but it’s important to remember to use your security system, even though you’re home. Set your system to the Stay Mode, so your family are protected, but you can still walk around your home, as you try and create a sense of normality in your home. Thankfully it’s not something that is being reported too much, but often idle time and boredom can lead to increase in crime, so it’s important that you remain vigilant even though you’re home more often. Also remember your system has emergency response panic alerts, which can be used in any type of emergency, not just crime related. If you have a vulnerable neighbour or relative who has HomeSecure, make sure they know these panic buttons are on their system. They could help them if they’re home alone, self-isolating and require medical assistance.”

If you are looking to secure your home, please call 1800911740 for a free home security assessment.

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