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ZeroWire™ Alarm Systems Details

Over one in four Irish households have been the victim of a home intrusion. Ensure your family gets the best protection possible with our state of the art ZeroWire™ alarm system. This wireless alarm comes with the highest possible safety rating in Europe, so you know you’ll be getting the protection you deserve. Secure peace of mind today.

With our alarm system, the perimeter and interior of your home will be protected. We will also protect your most vulnerable areas, the front and back door; as well as the rear window. Any other easy-access windows will be secure and then interior of your home will be protected by a series of motion sensors.

You can set the alarm on the ‘Stay’ mode when you or your pets are in the home, safeguarding the perimeter of your home, but allowing you and your family members to walk freely around the home without setting off the alarm.

 home alarm panel

When the house is empty, you can set the alarm system to an ‘Away’ mode, which switches on all your internal and perimeter sensors.

Our HomeSecure engineer will always fit the sensors and the panel to best suit your family’s needs.

With This Alarm You Get: 

  • Security sensors (contact, motion, and shock detection - mix and match as you please) 
  • All of our sensors are pet friendly
  • HomeSecure intruder deterrent alarm-box for exterior of the house
  • Free Mobile App included in monitoring fee giving you remote access to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere

Learn More About the ZeroWire™ alarm System

Installation for the Zero Wire alarm system takes just 90 minutes to complete. HomeSecure have nationwide coverage with almost 12,000 customer across Ireland. The alarm system works runs off a GSM card is back up onot your WiFi.

The alarm system also comes with Garda, Ambulance and Fire Brigade panic buttons. In an emergency, you can't always find your phone, but you'll know where your alarm panel is. Press and hold the panic buttons for three seconds to activate the alarm panel.