The benefits of syncing your ZeroWire up to your wi-fi

  • Allows our engineers to remotely solve issues on your alarm - 80% of all techincal issues can be solved over the phone
    • So you don't need to take a half-day from work for us to service your alarm
  • Enables us to automatically upgrade your Security Software
  • Provides your home with dual monitoring, so if the mobile signal drops, the alarm will run off the Wi-Fi
  • Enables you for home automation products such as our HomeVision camera, Smart LED Bulbs and Smart Switch

Don't worry - if you don't have WiFI your alarm will still continue to work over GSM (Mobile network)

Connect Your ZeroWire™ Alarm Today

Name *
The name your HomeSecure account is under
Located on the back of your WiFi Router
Located on the back of your WiFi Router

DIFFERENT METHODS to connect your zerowire™ to your wi-fi

  • Fill in the form above with your details OR
  • Email with the following information: 
    • Your name
    • Home address
    • Phone number
    • SSID Number (located on the reverse of your WiFi router)
    • Wi-Fi Password  (located on the reverse of your WiFi router) 
  • Why not email us a photo of your router details? Just remember to include your name and contact number
  • We will do the rest!

Sample of Where to find your WiFI SSID & Password

wifi ssid broadband box