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Offer Includes:

  • Advanced and easy to use ZeroWire alarm panel

  • Stay Function to activate only perimeter sensors

    • Walk safely around your home at night

  • Panic buttons in case of emergency

    • Alert the Gardaí, Ambulance or Fire Brigade with the click of a button

  • Free Installation

    • Hassle-free, quick, 90 minute installation

  • Free App – which allows you to arm / disarm your alarm remotely

Get all this installed now only €99 (was €199)


Why It’s Important to Upgrade Your Alarm:

  • Heightened anti break-in protection – Simply put, our new alarm is one step ahead of burglar’s newest tricks. Unlike older alarm systems should someone attempt to interfere with a ZeroWire alarm panel, our monitoring station will be alerted immediately

  • Free Mobile App - With our latest ZeroWire alarm system, you can download an App. Here you can check the status of your alarm, you can also arm and disarm your alarm from your smartphone.

  • Remote Servicing - For our ZeroWire alarm systems we can fix 95% of faults from our head office. We can remotely log in and fix any bugs, saving you time and effort. You no longer need to take time our from your busy schedule for a service visit.

  • Dual Monitoring - Our monitoring runs off WiFi & GSM, which is like a mobile sim card. It picks up the strongest signal in your area. It primarily runs off the GSM and uses the WiFi as a backup, so you’re always connected.

    • The best thing about this is, you no longer need a landline for your monitoring service

Value For Money

  • As a valued customer we have a great offer to help you upgrade to the latest and safest security system.

  • We have reduced the upfront cast to just €99, saving you €100

  • We have also reduced or monitoring price to only €31.95 a month

    • That is a saving of 20% versus typical ZeroWire customers

  • Our monitoring fees work out at just €1.05 per day - which isn't much to pay to protect your home

    • Our monitoring fee also includes a full service warranty i.e. free servicing and replacement of any faulty parts

  • Home insurance companies offer up to 20% off their price if you have a monitored house alarm

  • Our house alarm works off a GSM sim card and WiFi meaning there's no need for that expensive landline

There's currently 48 reported break ins every day across Ireland. However, monitored homes are 8.5 times less likely to be broken into based on the latest CSO statistics

Trust HomeSecure.ie to protect what matters most, today.

We strongly recommend all SIMON XT AND SIMON 3 customers consider upgrading their home security to a ZeroWire.