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 homesecure smart switch

HomeSecure SmartPlug Details:

  • Plug any device into our Smart Plug and control it with your HomeSecure App

  • Switch on / off the plugged in device remotely

  • Ideal for lighting, electric blankets, game consoles, broadband modems etc

  • Use with hazardous items such as hair straighteners or Christmas lights, so they don't overheat

  • Save energy by being able to turn off TV, Computer, gaming systems as you go to bed at the touch of a button or even ensuring they are off when you are away.

  • Control whatever is plugged into a SmartPlug via a schedule and ensure that gaming systems and computers aren’t used when they’re not meant to be

Costs €80 (plus install fee)

As a first step to introduce you to the Smart Home of the future why not try our Smart Plug. The HomeSecure SmartPlug is an intelligent wall plug which can be switched by mobile remote control, wall switch, smartphone or through automation.

The plug-and-play SmartPlug can be inserted into any wall power outlet in your home to make it instantly smarter. Appliances connected with the smart plug can then be conveniently controlled via your Z-Wave home automation gateway, remote control or even your smartphone.

Set an item to come on at a certain time every day, for example heat up your coffee machine five minutes before you get out of bed or set the electric blanket to come on before your usual bedtime during those cold Winter nights.