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There has been a stigma around old house alarms for many years, mainly because when the alarms does go off all it does is advertise that no one's home and frankly annoy your neighbours.  However a monitored alarm means your home is secure 24/7, 365 days of the year. If your alarm goes off and a break-in is confirmed our monitoring station, so you know you’re in safe hands.

We've partnered up with Chubb Ireland for our monitoring. Chubb are one of the most prestigious names in Irish security, monitoring many commercial and residential properties throughout the country.

Chubb are based in Sandyford, Dublin and provide 24/7, year-round protection to all our 14,000 home alarm customers across Ireland.

Give your home and your family the best level of protection possible, with a Homesecure monitored alarm.

If you want more information on monitoring, fill in our form or call us for a free security assessment of your home over the phone.

Feel more secure at home with a monitored alarm

  • There are nearly 2000 reported break ins every month

  • However monitored homes are at least 3 times less likely to be broken into

  • HomeSecure customers are *13.5 times safer than the national average

  • Receive 24/7, 365 protection for your home

    • Chubb Ireland have industry leading technology to make sure they’re signals are never down

  • Immediate response from our monitoring station when the alarm is activated

    • Chubb’s expert team will contact you immediately to check if your family are okay

  • Remote daily health check on your alarm system and sensors

  • Maintenance is covered in the cost

  • Home Insurance companies offer discounts averaging of 10-25% for their home monitored customers


1) Protect

We install a monitored alarm system which protects your home, should a break-in occur. Our house alarm system has wireless sensors, protecting the interior and perimeter of your home. 

monitored house alarm system panel

2) Immediate Response

We respond immediately should an intruder attempt to gain access to your home. The alarm will ring internally and it will send a signal to our monitoring station, who will contact your designated key holders immediately. 

secure home

3) Contact

When there has been an activation, we contact you to confirm the break-in and alert the Gardaí if a break in has been confirmed by you or one of your 'key holders'. Key holders are nominated by you to be contacted in case of a break-in. They usually include members of the house, neighbours and family members. If we can't get in touch or we're informed nobody is home, we'll send out the Gardaí immediately. We'll always contact the primary home-owners first in the event of an alarm activation. 

chubb home alarm monitoring man on computer

4) Advantage

The Gardaí only guarantee to respond to alerts from a licensed Home Monitoring company. So having your house secured by HomeSecure ensures you're getting the best security possible for your home. 

illustration garda

The Gardaí Will Only Respond To Verified Home Alarm Activations

Due to the high rate of false alarms (95% of all alarm activations) An Garda Síochána developed a policy aimed identifying and responding to the 5% of genuine break in alerts. This is the Dual Verification Policy that simply means they require two points of verification before they will respond to a break in.

HomeSecure.ie specialise in dual verified monitored alarms.

Working with Chubb, Ireland's leader in Home Monitoring, our expert monitoring station will respond immediately if an intruder attempts to gain access to your home.

Once we’ve contacted you, the homeowner, we’ll alert the Gardaí, who will despatch the next available unit to your home. Due to HomeSecure’s dual verification policy the Gardaí guarantee to respond to alerts from our customers.

Intruders know they’re taking a big risk when breaking into a HomeSecure Monitored home - which is why monitored homes are three times more secure.

It’s the time to protect your home with a state of the art alarm by HomeSecure, join the 1,000s of household who have already made the smarter switch to HomeSecure, today.

Secure your booking a €99 deposit (refundable up until installation date). Join our 14,000 customers receiving 24/7 home alarm monitoring from HomeSecure. For more information on how our monitoring works, get in touch with our dedicate team today.

*The 13.5 times safer figure relates to HomeSecure customers who experienced a break-in in the second quarter of 2018, compared to the national average, based off the CSO stats.