What is the difference between a monitored and non-monitored alarm?

The video below will explain the how our monitoring works as well as the difference between a monitored and non-monitored alarm system. 

Did you know?

  • 95% of all alarm activations are actually false alarms

  • As of Jan 2008 the Gardaí introduced a dual verification policy to help respond to genuine break-ins

The Gardaí will only respond to houses that comply to their verification policy. Having a monitored alarm from HomeSecure will get you a guaranteed Garda response, thanks to our internal and perimeter protection. The nearest mobile Garda unit will be dispatched to your home in the event of a verified break-in, guaranteeing you the fastest possible response time.


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What happens if my alarm activated?

If your alarm is activated after you enter through the front door, you will have thirty seconds to enter in your unique PIN code. If no PIN is entered within the 30 second period, the alarm will let out a high-pitched internal siren and our monitoring station will call you to see if it a false alarm or an intrusion, asking you for your personal security word. If it's you and you didn't reach you panel in time, stating your security word will confirm to our monitoring station they are speaking to an authorised keyholder. If you tell the monitoring station you're not home and you know the alarm wasn't activated by any of your family members, they will dispatch the Gardaí. Also if the correct security word isn't provided to our monitor station, the Gardaí will be sent immediately. 

If someone even attempts to force enter through a sensor protected door or window, the monitoring station will alert the Gardaí right away. The alarm panel itself is tamper-proof, but if an intruder tries to rip it off the wall the Gardaí will again be immediately notified of a break-in.  

Our alarm monitoring partners are Chubb Ireland and they monitor many bank, post offices and workplaces, such as Pennys as well residential homes. Chubb are vastly experienced and are one the largest monitoring stations in Ireland. If your alarm does activate, rest assured that you’ll be in the safest hands possible.

Our Home Alarm Offers

About the HOUSE alarm System

Our house alarm system’s sensors are completely wireless, which enables a quick and tidy installation (generally around 90 minutes). The system works off both a GSM card (similar to your mobile phone sim card) and your Wi-Fi, so you’ll always receive the strongest signal possible. It even continues to work for around 12 hours in the event of a power cut.

The alarm system also comes with Garda, Ambulance and fire brigade alert buttons, so you'll be safe in any emergency.