Managing Your HomeSecure KeyHolders

As a KeyHolder, you are the nominated point of contact, who may be called in the event of an alarm activation where the homeowners is unavailable. 

KeyHolders should be kept up to date to ensure the most suitable person is contacted in case of a break-in attempt. When you are away on holidays, we recommend you update your KeyHolder order, so a neighbour or family member is the number one contact.

You can have up to four KeyHolders. We recommend entering the names and numbers in the order you would like them to do be called if the alarm has been activated. We also suggest adding at least one name and number of someone who doesn't live in the home, in case you are out of the country.

Update Your HomeSecure KeyHolders

This will be used to identify your account
Mobile number or landline, whatever is the primary account contact number. This will be used to identify your acount
This is the word you say to your monitoring station to confirm everything is okay, if your alarm has been activated. You need to confirm this word to change details on your account.
KeyHolder Name 1 *
KeyHolder Name 1
The number will be contacted first in the event of an alarm activation
KeyHolder Name 2 *
KeyHolder Name 2
KeyHolder Name 3
KeyHolder Name 3
KeyHolder Name 4
KeyHolder Name 4
If this change is temporary while you're on holiday, please let us know the dates you'll be away and when you're home. If it is a permanent change please mention it in the text box below

KeyHolder Guides

You Must:

  • Know the 4-digit code which disarms the alarm

  • Know the homeowners 'Secure Word'

  • Have keys and know how to access the property

You Should:

  • Live within 20 minutes of the property

  • Be able to get in contact with the homeowner

KeyHolder Tips

  • Never put yourself at risk

  • Always wait for Án Garda Síochana before entering your home

  • Do not enter a property unless you are certain it is safe to do so

  • Save our monitoring station's number 01 295 23 66 to your phone