Added Peace of Mind for Your Family

With our new partnership with iKdyz, we’re able to offer you the HomeConnect device. HomeConnect is the next big step in securing your home. We want to protect what matters most to you, not just your physical home and everything in it, but every one as well. We’ve partnered up with the iKydz team to offer this unique service for HomeSecure customers.

This parental control device, enables you to manage your child’s online activity. Put filters in place to govern what content your kids can see on a mobile phone, game console, laptop etc. You’re also able to limit the amount of time your children spend online and have cut off times on their devices, when it’s time to study or go to bed.

mother with child at night

HomeConnect Features

  • Reduce internet use with set cut-off times

  • Make sure your kids don’t view inappropriate video content

  • Prevent gaming addiction

    • From games including Fortnite & Roblox

  • Help focus on study / homework

  • Increase quality of sleep

  • Help prevent online bullying

  • Enable age appropriate YouTube videos only

  • Set different rules for different kids

Every parent and every child is different which this device recognizes. It’s not a one-size fits all that blocks all the same content, you choose what to prevent your children from seeing. You can fully block certain social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, but control Snapchat and WhatsApp if you wish.

The HomeConnect runs off your WiFi, simply plug it into your broadband router and you’re ready to go. You can manage all connected devices to your broadband from the iKydz App. We can post out the device to your home, so there’s no need to take time off work for an installation.

Set Times Around Your Kid’s Schedule

Scheduel time app

Block apps / sites for each child in your home

ikydz app block fortnite

Added Benefits for HomeSecure customers

The HomeConnect device does more than just act as a parental control device. Its an added hub to your alarm panel, this enables us to remotely fix more issues with system before you’re even aware of them. As part of our Daily Health Check, we monitor the signal strength, battery levels, sensors and panel functionality to make everything is working as expected. In the unlikely event of an issue, we will know, even before you’re aware of it.

The HomeConnect allows us to remotely solve more of these issues from our head office, so your system is always working at its full capacity.

Existing HomeSecure customers: Enquire Now

The HomeConnect enables us to:

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  • Remotely solve 99% of faults from our head office

  • Solve your issues even faster

  • Reduce the number of physical call-outs to your home

    • So you’re not talking time out of your busy schedule

  • Continuously have your alarm system working at full capacity

For existing HomeSecure customers, we’re running a special offer as part of the iKydz launch. For just an added €5 to your monthly monitoring and maintenance fee, you can also personally manage your children’s online activity.

For more information on adding iKydz to your home with your alarm system, please call 014998037