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About HomeSecure

HomeSecure are rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s biggest house alarm companies. We’ve been around as HomeSecure for just over four years, but our team has over twenty years’ experience in the market place. Although Dublin-based, as of Autumn 2016 we now offer nationwide installations. We built up our network in the greater Dublin region, before expanding throughout the country.

We have engineers based throughout Ireland, so we guarantee to install your house alarm within 1-5 working days.

We currently protect over 14,000 homes and business in Ireland and our mission is to drive down burglaries throughout Ireland. Last year burglaries decreased throughout Ireland by 30%, so we are glad to see our operation coming to life. We want to help protect your house and see the number of Irish break-ins continue to decrease, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will find a quote that works for you.

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New House Alarm Customer?

Our latest house alarm offer is the best on the Irish market for first time customers. Secure your home with seven sensors, protecting your front and back door, any vulnerable windows and motion sensors; securing the interior and perimeter of your home. You also get a Intruder Deterrent AlarmBox, our advanced ZeroWire™ panel, a home alarm app allowing you to set or turn off your alarm from anywhere in the world. 

You get all this for only €199, which is a saving of €500!

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How To Book In With HomeSecure

To secure your booking, simply pay a €99 deposit and select a time and date that suits you. Our installation times are between 9am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Next day installations are available!

Switch Your Alarm Monitoring

Unlike most competitors in the alarm marketplace, thanks to our engineer’s skillset, we are able to take over a lot of home alarm systems and help you save on your monitoring. See if you’re eligible for a free panel upgrade or if we can take over the monitoring on your current alarm system. To receive our free panel upgrade, you need a home alarm with matching sensor frequency for our ZeroWire™ alarm. Switching the monitoring is an extremely easy process, just like switching your electricity provider. You keep your alarm system as it is and we can save you on your monitoring and maintenance costs.